(a) Valmikis
(b) Brahuis
(c) Pakthas
(d) Pathans
At which one of the following late Harappan sites have archaeologists
discovered four excellent bronze images?
(a) Lothal
(b) Dholavira
(c) Bhagatrav
(d) Daimabad
Majority of the Indus beads meant for export to Mesopotamia were made of
(a) Steatite
(b) Terracotta
(c) Carnelian
(d) Jade
What is Epigraphy?
(a) Study of coins
(b) Study of old writing used in inscriptions
(c) Study of inscriptions
(d) Study of material remains of the past
Mnk out the oldest age from the following:
(a) Bronze Age
(b) Neolithic Age
(c) Mesolithic Age
(d) Palaeolithic Age
Which of the following cultures cannot be considered a proto-Harappan
(a) Amri culture
(b) Zhob culture
(c) Sothi culture
(d) Kot Dijian culture
Indus civilisation belongs to which of the following periods?
(a) Historical period
(b) Prehistorical period