(a) fire altars
(b) dockyard
(c) temple-like structure
(d) great bath
Which of the following animals are not represented either in the seals or in
the terracottas?
(i) Cow
(ii) Horse
(iii) Lion
(iv) Tiger
Choose the answer from the codes given below:
(a) All of them
(b) i, ii and iii
(c) ii, iii and iv
(d) i, ii and iv
Which one of the following Indus sites has revealed evidence of a violent
death met by some people?
(a) Lothal
(b) Harappa
(c) Mohenjodaro
(d) Kalibangan
Turquoise, an important semiprecious stone, was acquired by the Harappans
(a) Badakshan
(b) Central Asia
(c) Arabia
(d) Persia
Which one of the following Vedic texts, apart from the Rig Veda Samhita,
cites Indra as the destroyer of the Indus civilisation?
(a) Atharva Veda Samhita
(b) Taittiriya Brahmana
(c) Aitareya Brahmana
(d) Satapatha Brahmana
What has been the latest source        for determining the period of the Indus