(c) Dholavira
(d) Lothal
The corpus of Harappan inscriptions is now put in the region of
(a) 2000
(b) 2500
(c) 3000
(d) 3500
The practice of placing domestic dogs in graves along with their masters,
which was foreign to the Indian tradition, has been found to be in use at
(a) Mehrgarh
(b) Burzahom
(c) Lothal
(d) Kalibangan
What is the ascending order of the following Harappan cities in terms of their
(i) Harappa
(ii) Mohenjodaro
(iii) Lothal
(iv) Kalibangan
Choose the answer from the codes given below
(a) i, iii, iv and ii
(b) ii, iv, iii and i
(c) iii, iv, i and ii
(d) iv, iii, ii and i
Which one of the following is not located outside the citadel of Harappa?
(a) Granaries
(b) Working Floors
(c) Barracks
(d) ‘H’ cemetery
Which of the following Indus sites have shown sufficient evidence of direct
trade contacts with Mesopotamia?
(i) Lothal
(ii) Sutkagendor
(iii) Banawali