a square or round platform (vedika). Other animals on the seals having a
standard or manger are the elephant, tiger, bison and rhino.
    The purpose of seals was probably to mark ownership of property (hence
every important citizen must have possessed one), for an interesting context
is established for their use in applying clay sealings to bales of merchandise.
Impressions of cords or matting are frequently found on the backs of such
sealings. Further proof of this use is derived from the discovery of several
such sealings lying among ashes in the ventilation shafts of the brick platform
of what is considered to have been a granary or warehouse beside the
dockyard at Lothal.
                                  Harappan seals
Terracotta Figurines
A great number of the terracotta figurines survive, either as toys or cult
objects, or more probably as both. Most of them are hand-modelled, however,
a few pieces are certainly made in single moulds.
    The main corpus includes        a range of birds and animals, including