Internal Trade
Explicit Evidence of Internal Trade This is seen in the form of the
occurrence of various raw materials at Harappan sites in different regions. In
the context of Gujarat alone, the site-wise distribution of raw materials
includes 28 items. The sheer fact of their being found at different Gujarat
sites makes the economic world behind it—a world of raw material
procurement, processing, manufacture of objects and their distribution—
obvious. Gujarat is only one area of Harappan distribution; if all the areas are
taken together, this world assumes great proportions.
Major Internal Routes From the Karachi region, one line of movement
went through Kohistan and, following broadly the western banks of the Indus
river, reached the Larkana district where Mohenjodaro was located. From
Larkana, the Indus was crossed to reach Chanhudaro and the eastern segment
of Sind. There was also a route which passed from the Sukkur/Rorhi hills to
Harappa on the one hand and the Ghaggar/Hakra stretch on the other. Indus
river was also used for some amount of traffic. Sind and Baluchistan seem to
have been interacting both over land and along the coast, with Gujarat. The
eastern segment of Sind had a route between the Sind plains and Gujarat
through Kutch and Kathiawar. A sea route along the coast also existed.
    Land and riverine routes connected the Bahawalpur and central Indus
region with Rajasthan. One land route went from the Multan-Montgomery
region to Bahawalpur. There was also another land route from Ganeshwar to
Sothi-Bhadra via Khetri. Kantli river route was also used between Rajasthan
and the regions to its north and west. Between Sind and east Punjab, there
were two major routes that passed through Bahawalpur. One branched off to
the upper Sutlej region, going through Bhatinda and Ludhiana districts till the
edge of the Himalayas where Manda was located. The other, after passing the
Ghaggar–Drishadvati divide of central Punjab, went to Hissar and Jind,
reaching Rohtak, from where one branch crossed the Yamuna to Meerut and
the other proceeded to Gurgaon.
    The above review of some major internal routes linking the different
areas of the Harappan civilisation, which is based on a careful study of the
distribution of various raw materials      at different sites and their possible