The name ‘India’ goes back to the earliest civilisation in India, the Indus
civilisation, though no one had heard of such a civilisation till the third
decade of the twentieth century. However, in the 1920s, two ancient sites in
the Indus valley—Harappa and Mohenjodaro—were excavated. These cities
brought to light a civilisation, which was at first called the ‘Indus Valley
civilisation’, but later termed as the ‘Indus civilisation’ due to the discovery
of more and more sites far away from the actual river valley. Alternatively it
has also come to be called the ‘Harappan civilisation’ after the name of its
first discovered site.
                         ETYMOLOGY OF INDIA
  The name ‘India’ is derived from the river ‘Indus’, for India means the
  country of the Indus. The earliest literary evidence, however, shows that
  the first Aryan settlers in India called the Indus, the ‘Sindhu’ (a huge;
  sheet of water). The Aryans in their long trek through Iran into India could