(b) Bagor—Rajasthan
(c) Sarai Nahar Rai—Uttar Pradesh
(d) Baghor—Bihar
The OCP Culture is found mainly in:
(a) Eastern UP
(b) Western UP
(c) Bihar
(b) Bengal
In the upper Ganga valley iron is first found associated with:
(a) Black-and-Red Ware
(b) Ochre Colored Ware
(c) Painted Grey Ware
(d) Northern Black Polished Ware
Megaliths of south India are mainly associated with:
(a) Mesolithic Age
(b) Neolithic Age
(c) Chalcolithic Age
(b) Iron Age
‘Awl’ is also known as:
(a) Borer
(b) Burin
(c) Cleaver
(b) Chopper
The half-life of Carbon-14 is:
(a) 3750 years
(b) 5730 years
(c) 7350 years
(b) 9530 years
Match the following:
      List I                                       List II
      Cultures                                     Pottery
      (I) Malwa                                    (A) Black-on-Red
      (II) Eastern Neolithic                       (B) Brownish-red