(b) ii, iii, iv and v
(c) iii, iv, v and vi
(d) ii, iii, v and vi
The earliest evidence of man in India is found in:
(a) Nilgiris
(b) Nallamala Hills
(c) Siwalik Hills
(d) Narmada Valley
Where do we find the three phases, viz. Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic
Cultures in sequence?
(a) Kashmir Valley
(b) Godavari Valley
(c) Belan Valley
(d) Krishna Valley
The earliest evidence of settled agriculture in the subcontinent comes from:
(a) Kalibangan
(b) Amri
(c) Mehrgarh
(d) Inamgarh
Pick the wrong pair from the following:
(a) Belan Valley—Uttar Pradesh
(b) Pravara Valley—Rajasthan
(c) Soan Valley—Madhya Pradesh
(d) Hiran Valley—Saurashtra
Which of the following do not belong to the same category?
(a) Lunates
(b) Rhomboids
(c) Trapezes
(b) Triangles
Excellent cave paintings of Mesolithic Age are found at:
(a) Bhimbetka
(b) Atranjikhera
(c) Mahishadal
(b) Barudih