List II
      (II) Gandhara Culture                          (B) Inamgaon
      (III) Malwa Culture                            (C) Gilund
      (IV) Savalda Culture                           (D) Navdatoli
       I II III IV
   (a) A B C D
   (b) C A B D
   (c) A C D B
   (d) C A D B
Which Chalcolithic site of eastern India has revealed the most impressive
evidence of crops?
(a) Senuar
(b) Chirand
(c) Taradih
(d) Pandu Rajar Dhibi
Which site does not show evidence of the OCP (ochre-colored pottery)
(a) Atranjikhera
(b) Lal Qila
(c) Saipai
(d) Mahagara
Which one of the following sites does not have evidence of pit-dwellings?
(a) Burzahom
(b) Sarai Khola
(c) Jalilpur
(d) Gufkral
Ash-mounds, which mystified archeologists for so long, have been
discovered at:
(i) Mahagara
(ii) Pallavoy
(iii) Kupgal
(iv) Chirand
(v) Utnur
(vi) Kodekal