(a) Paleolithic Age
(b) Mesolithic Age
(c) Neolithic Age
(d) Chalcolithic Age
Which of the following is not a principal tool of the Early Stone Age?
(a) Scrapper
(b) Handaxe
(c) Cleaver
(d) Chopper
Pot-making, a technique of great significance in human history, appeared first
at least in a few areas during:
(a) Early Stone Age
(b) Middle Stone Age
(c) Upper Stone Age
(d) Late Stone Age
Which one of the following pairs of Paleolithic sites and areas is not correct?
(a) Didwana—Western Rajasthan
(b) Sanganakallu—Karnataka
(c) UUarabaini-Jammu area
(d) Riwat-Pakistani Punjab
Which one of the following pairs is not properly matched?
(a) Burzahom Culture–Jhelum Valley
(b) Ganeshwar Culture—N. E. Rajasthan
(c) Jorwe Culture—Maharashtra
(d) Ahar Culture—Madhya Pradesh
Which one of the following Chalcolithic sites of the Malwa Culture has
yielded evidence of firealtars, bull worship and phallus worship?
(a) Eran
(b) Dangwada
(c) Kayatha
(d) Navdatoli
Match List I with List II and select the answer from the codes given below
the lists:
      List I