and at least for the extreme south such elements came to be preserved in the
corpus of Sangam literature.
  Old Stone Ages         Beginning (years               Cultural Tradition
 Upper Paleolithic             17,000                       Magdalenian
                               21,000                         Solutrean
                               27,000                        Gravettian
                               33,000               Aurignacian/Chatelperronian
       Middle                  75,000                        Mousterian
 Lower Paleolithic          7,00,000+ ?                      Acheulian
                      Table 3 Paleolithic Tool Traditions
 Category Area where sites are found
 Lower         Soan Valley (Pakistani Punjab)
               Belan Valley (Mirzapur district of U.P.)
 Middle        Soan Valley, Belan Valley, Narmada Valley and
 Paleolithic Tungabhadra Valley
 Upper         Belan Valley, Chotanagpur Plateau, Central India, Gujarat,
 Paleolithic Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra
                          Table 4 Paleolithic Cultures
 Site                 Locality                          Period
 Adamgarh             Near Hoshangabad, M.P.            6th millennium BC
 Bhimbetka            Near Bhopal, M.P.                 7th to 5th millennia BC
 Baghor               Near Sidhi, M.P.                  8th to 5th millennia BC
 Bagor                Near Bhilwara, Rajasthan          6th millennium BC
 Mahagara             Near Meja, U.P.                   10th millennium BC
 Sarai Nahar Rai      Near Pratapgarh, U.P.             10th millennium BC