6000  Neolithic settlements in Baluchistan
4000- Settlements in the Indus valley
3000- Broad period of Indus civilization
3000- Beginning/Early phase of Indus civilisation
2700  Date of Indus seals found at Kish in Mesopotamia
2500- Mature phase of Indus civilisation; civilisation of the great
1750  cities in the Indus valley (Mohenjodaro and Harappa), in the
      Punjab (Kalibangan) and Gujarat (Lothal).
1750- Later phase/Decline of Indus civilisation; Immigration of the
1500  Vedic Aryans
1500- Early/Rig Vedic Period; Settlement of the Aryans in the Punjab
1000  and the western Ganga-Yamuna Doab
1000  Iron in India
1000- Later Vedic Period; Settlement of the Aryans in the central and
600   eastern Gangetic plains; emergence of jallapadas or territorial
      kingdoms; Painted Grey Ware (PGW) in the areas of Aryan
817   Traditional date of the birth of Parsvanatha, the 23rd
600   Beginning of Second Urbanisation in India (eastern Gangetic
      valley); Rise of 16 mahajanapadas
563-  Hitherto accepted date of Buddha
542-  Haryankas of Magadha