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       31     Uttarakhand               9 New, 58, 72, 72A, 72B, 73, 74, 87,                2,842
                                        94,107ANew, 108, 109, 123, 119, 121 , 125,
                                        309ANew, 309B New, 334A, 707ANew
                                        2,2B,6,10 New, 31, 31A, 31C, 31D, 32,34,35,41,
                                        55,60,60A, 80,
       32     West Bengal               81,114ANew,116BNew,117,131ANew,133ANew, 2,998
                                        317ANew,327BNew,419New,512New, 717 New,
       33     Andaman & Nicobar         4 New                                               331
              Dadra & Nagar
       34                               848A New                                            31
       35     Daman and Diu             848B New, 251 New                                   22
                                        Total                                                115,435
      Sources: Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
                                   AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION
      1.       The Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1950—This amendment provided for several
      new grounds of restrictions to the right to freedom of speech and expression and the right to
      practise any profession or to carry on any trade or business as contained in Article 19 of the
      Constitution. These restrictions related to public order, friendly relations with foreign States or
      incitement to an offence in relation to the right to freedom of speech, and to the prescribing of
      professional or technical qualifications or the carrying on by the State, etc., of any trade,
      business, industry or service in relation to the right to carry on any trade or business. The
      amendment also inserted two new Articles, 31A and 31B and the Ninth Schedule to give
      protection from challenge to land reform laws.
      2.       The Constitution (Second Amendment) Act, 1952—By this amendment, the scale or
      representation for election to the Lok Sabha was readjusted.
      3.       The Constitution (Third Amendment) Act, 1954—This amendment substituted entry 33 of
      List III (Concurrent List) of the Seventh Schedule to make it correspond to Article 369.
      4.       The Constitution (Fourth Amendment) Act, 1955—Article 31 (2) of the Constitution was
      amended to re-state more precisely the State’s power of compulsory acquisition and
      requisitioning of private property and distinguish it from cases where the operation of regulatory
      or prohibitory laws of the States results in “deprivation of property”. Article 31A of the
      Constitution was also amended to extend its scope to cover categories of essential welfare
      legislation like abolition of zamindaris, proper planning of urban and rural areas and for effecting
      a full control over the mineral and oil resources of the country, etc. Six Acts were also included
      in the Ninth Schedule. Article 305 was also amended to save certain laws providing of State
      5.       The Constitution (Fifth Amendment) Act, 1955—This amendment made a change in
      Article 3 so as to empower President to specify a time limit for state legislatures to convey their
      views on the proposed Central laws affecting areas, boundaries, etc., of their states.