and stable income per unit area.
            The union territory has a total area of 479 with a total population of 12.44 lakh as per
      last census. With its reputation of being an investor-friendly, the union territory having proven
      track record of attracting surplus investment and has witnessed vibrant industrial growth over the
      years. Even though there was some industrial slow down for a few years because of the general
      down turn in the economy, the growth continues. Puducherry has nearly 77 large and 9,067
      micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and with an investment of ₹ 2909 cores, these
      industries are deemed to be the life blood of economy providing employment to about one lakh
            The old part of the UT is known as Boulevard Town since it is bounded by four boulevards
      that once constituted the outer limits of the city’s fortification. The Boulevard Town presents two
      distinct architectural styles in the Tamil and French Quarters, which are separated by a canal and
      unified by a rectilinear grid plan. There are few monumental buildings, and the architectural
      character of the town is the result of hundreds of traditional-style houses (both in Tamil and
      French Quarters) that form the unique streetscapes so distinctive of Puucherry. Some must-see
      sights include Arikanmedu, a famous historical site that was discovered by the Romans in 200
      B.C and is being excavated, Aayi Mandapam, a monument built during the reign of Napoleon
      III, Eglise De Sacre Coeur De Jesus or Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus, known for its Gothic
      architecture and the Mansion of Ananda Rangapillai, a fine specimen of Indo-French architecture
      that was built in 1773.
            The present power requirement of the union territory is met from the power allocations
      made by the Government of India in various Central Generating Stations (CGS) and from
      purchase of power from neighbouring State Electricity Boards (TANGEDCO & KSEB). There is
      a gas based power plant of capacity 32.5 MW at Karaikal region owned by the Puducherry
      Power Corporation Limited to meet the partial requirement of Karaikal region.
       Lieutenant Governor                  :   Dr. Kiran Bedi I.P.S. (Retd.)
       Chief Minister                       :   V. Narayanasamy
       Chief Secretary                      :   Ashwini Kumar
       Jurisdiction of High Court           :   Falls under jurisdiction of Madras High Court