Agriculture and Irrigation
            Total irrigated area is 393.93 ha and unirrigated is 3304.73 ha. Important field and garden
      crops are paddy, ragi, bajra, jowar, groundnut, pulses and beans, wheat, banana, sapota, mango,
      coconut and sugarcane. There are no major forests in the territory.
      Industry and Power
            There are 2930 small-scale and medium-scale industries in Daman and Diu. Two industrial
      areas have been developed by Omnibus Industrial Development Corporation at Daman. The
      other industrial areas are Dabhel, Bhimpore, Kachigam and Kadaiya.
            All villages have been electrified. Daman and Diu have got adequate power allocation from
      central sector power stations in western region.
      Roads: The total length of roads is 191 km and 78 km respectively.
      Railways: There is no railway link with Daman and Diu. The nearest railway station from
      Daman is Vapi on western railway on Mumbai-Delhi route. The nearest railway station from Diu
      is Delvada on metre-gauge.
      Aviation: There are airports both in Daman and Diu. Diu is connected by air and there is regular
      air service from Mumbai.
      Tourist Places
            Important tourist places in Daman are Bom Jesus Church; Our Lady of Sea Church; Our
      Lady of Remedios Church; Forts of Moti Daman and Nani Daman; Jampore and Devka Beaches;
      Public Garden at Nani Daman and Moti Daman Jetty; Pergola Garden; Moti Daman; Amusement
      Park, Devka; Damanganga Tourist Complex, Kachigam; Satya Sagar Udyan; Mirasol Garden;
      Mirasol Water Park.
            In Diu, St. Paul’s Church; Diu Fort and Panikota Fort; Nagoa and Chakratirth and
      Children’s Park at Ghoghla and Summer House are worth seeing.
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       Administrator                              :    Praful Khoda Patel
       Jurisdiction of High Court                 :    Falls under Bombay High Court
       Area                    : 1,483 sq km             Population            : 1.68 crore (as per
                                                                                 census 2011)
       Capital                 : Delhi                   Principal             : Hindi, Punjabi,
                                                         Languages               Urdu and English