territory can be accessed only after crossing these two states from Mumbai. At present road
      length is about 635 km out of which 570 km is surfaced. Almost all villages are connected with
      all-weather roads. The rail route from Mumbai to Ahmedabad links Vapi also. Mumbai is the
      nearest airport. Recently, the work of widening of roads has been taken up to meet the
      requirement of increasing vehicular traffic. To meet the need of rapid industrialisation, four-lane
      work has been taken up in Silvassa and adjoining areas, besides other spillover works.
      Tourism sector has been assigned high priority, keeping in view the dense forest area and
      favourable climate.
            The prominent places of tourist interest are Tadekeshwar Shiva Mandir, Bindrabin, Deer
      Park at Khanvel, Vanganga Lake and Island Garden, Dadra, and Vanvihar Udhyan, Mini Zoo,
      Bal Udhyan, Tribal Museum and Hirvavan Garden at Silvassa. To attract tourists, annual
      celebration of festivals like Tarpa and World Tourism Day is a regular event.
            Normally all festivals of Hindus, Muslims and Christians are celebrated in the territory,
      while tribals celebrate their own festivals. Diwaso is celebrated by Dhodia and Varli tribes and
      Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by Dhodia tribe. Other festivals include Bhawada amongst Varlis,
      Koli tribes and Khali Puja by all tribes after harvesting of crops and Gram Devi before
      harvesting of crops.
      Relevant Website: www.dnh.nic.in
       Administrator                               :  Praful Khoda Patel
       Jurisdiction of High Court                  :  Falls under Bombay High Court
      Daman and Diu
       Area                     : 111 sq km             Population             : 2,42,911 (prov.
                                                                                  census 2011)
       Capital                  : Daman                 Principal Language     : Gujarati
      History and Geography
            Daman and Diu along with Goa was a colony held by the Portuguese even after
      Independence. In 1961, it was made an integral part of India. After Goa was conferred statehood
      on 30 May 1987, Daman and Diu was made a separate Union Territory. Daman lies about 193
      km away from Mumbai. It is bound on the east by Gujarat, on the west by the Arabian Sea, on
      the north by the Kolak river and on the south by Kalai river. The neighbouring district of Daman
      is Valsad in Gujarat. Diu is an island connected by two bridges. The neighbouring district of Diu
      is Junagadh of Gujarat.