completed. 70 per cent work in village Mauli Jagran has been completed.
      Information Technology
           Chandigarh has become a role model in using Information Technology to provide fast and
      user friendly services to the masses. Under the e-Governance initiatives of the Department, seven
      more Gram Sampark Centres have been set up in the villages of Dhanas, Khudda Jassu,
      Kaimbwala, Raipur Khurd, Raipur Kalan, Makhan Majra and Bahlana. Gram Sampark Centres
      in villages Palsora, Dadu Majra, Hallo Majra, Khuda Alisher, Daria, Mauli Jagran and Maloya
      are operative. The administration is working on energy conservation. A work order has been
      issued to the Tata BP Solar Ltd. for commissioning the Energy Park at the Botanical Garden.
      Under the solar lighting initiative, all street lights in the villages would be replaced with solar
      based street lights.
           The administration is developing the Phase-III of the industrial area at the revenue estate of
      village Mauli Jagran.
           Administration has taken many innovative and novel measures like Wedding Tourism. With
      the focus on extending efficient medical, educational and entertainment oriented facilities,
      administration is promoting cinematic tourism, sports tourism and medical tourism in a big way.
           Provision of sufficient electricity to all the residents is also getting attention of the
      administration. To improve the voltage profile and to reduce the load on the power distribution
      network the electricity wing had planned to add 80 MVAR automatic capacitor banks at various
      existing 66 KV grid sub-stations located at different points in the periphery of UT. Use of CFL is
      mandatory in all government buildings. Similarly, all institutional buildings will have to provide
      solar lighting in their parking spaces within their complexes.
      Relevant Website:
       Administrator             : V.P. Singh Badnore
       Advisor to the            : Manoj Kumar Parida
      Dadra and Nagar Haveli
       Area                     : 491 sq km               Population             : 3. 44 lakh
       Capital                  : Silvassa                Principal              : Gujarati, Hindi,
                                                          Languages                 English