the Indian Union. Initially, a part ‘C’ State, it became a centrally administered territory with the
      Re-organisation of States in 1956. In 1972, Tripura attained the status of a full-fledged state.
            Tripura is strategically situated between the river valleys of Myanmar and Bangladesh.
      Encircled almost on three sides by Bangladesh, it is linked with Assam and Mizoram in the
            The economy of Tripura is primarily dependent on agriculture. 24 per cent land is being
      utilized by this sector, and 51 per cent population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.
            Tripura is predominantly a hilly state having geographical area of 10,49,169 hectare. Amid
      the undulating terrain the recently assessed land under cultivation is 2,55,241 hectares. Irrigable
      land is 1,17,00 hectares.
            Tripura is a small but picturesque state in the north eastern region of the country. The area is
      about 10,491,69 sq km. to its north, south and south east it has an international boundary with
      Bangladesh while to its east; it shares a common boundary with two states of Assam and
      Mizoram. There are 19 ethnic tribes, Bengali, Manipuri and others, inhabiting this panoramic
      tiny state.
            The scenic beauty of Tripura, its rich and varied culture, archaeology and architecture, its
      handloom and handicraft which is exquisite in colour, excellent in design and craftsmanship, its
      verdant forests, and lakes, its excellent bracing climatic conditions, its enhancing and abounding
      floral treasures and panoramic view points and above all its very hospitable ethnic population are
      so attractive that anyone who visits the state once cannot resist his temptation to come oftener.
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       Governor                 : Kaptan Singh             Chief Secretary        : Dr. L. K. Gupta
       Chief Minister           : Biplab Kumar Deb         Jurisdiction of High   : High Court of
                                                           Court                      Tripura
       Area                     : 53,483 sq km             Population             : 1.01 crore (census
       Capital                  : Dehradun                 Principal              : Hindi, English,
                                                           Languages                  Garhwali, Kumauni