Aviation: Government has taken proactive steps for implementation of RCS-UDAN Scheme in
      Utkela and Jeypore Airstrips. Jharsuguda airport is fully developed now.
            Energy is the driving force of economic growth either in the form of finite resources such as
      coal, oil and gas or in renewable forms such as hydroelectric wind solar and biomas or its
      converted form of electricity. To provide 24x7 quality and uniterrupted power at an affordable
      rate to the people, Government has developed a comprehensive strategy to augment generation.
            Odisha is a veritable tourists’ paradise; which offers a plethora of opportunities to cater to
      various tastes and choices in varied forms. The silver beaches of Chandipur, the blue sea of
      Gopalpur, the exotic and golden beaches of Konark and Puri, red crabs of Talasari beach, attract
      tourists throughtout the year. Chilika, the largest brackish water inland lake in Asia nestles in the
      heart of coastal Odisha. Chilika lake an ecological wonder, is the largest brackish water lagoon in
      Asia, an important wetland situated in Odisha on the eastern coast of India. Declared a Ramsar
      site, it is famous for its rich diversity of local and migratory birds. Bhitarkanika is the second
      largest mangrove eco-system with an area of 672 sqkms of wildlife sanctuary of which 175 sqkm
      was declared a national park in 1998, situated in the district of Kendrapara, on the eastern coast
      of India. Bhitarkanika is one of the most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in
      the country, home to virgin mangrove forests and wetlands. Its rich biodiversity harbours 71
      species of mangrove and associated species, 35 species of reptiles, 297 species of birds including
      international winter migrants from central Asia and Europe and 26 species of mammals
      including spotted deer, sambar, fishing cats, porcupines and otters, etc.
      Relevant Website: www.odisha.gov.in
       Governor                : Prof. Ganeshi Lal        Chief Secretary        : Aditya Prasad Padhi
       Chief Minister          : Naveen Patnaik           Jurisdiction of High   : State of Odisha
       Area                    : 50,362 sq km             Population             : 2,77,43,338
       Capital                 : Chandigarh               Principal Language     : Punjabi
      History and Geography
            Ancient Punjab formed part of the vast Indo-Iranian region. In later years it saw the rise and
      fall of the Mauryas, Bactrians, Greeks, Sakas, Kushans and Guptas. Medieval Punjab saw a
      supremacy of the Muslims. Ghaznavi was followed by the Ghoris, the slaves, the Khiljis, the
      Tughlaks, the Lodhis and the Mughals. Fifteenth and sixteenth centuries marked a period of