Hydel-power potential is the key to prosperity of the state and out of the total available
      potential of 27,436 MW, the state has harnessed 10,351 MW power so far. Cent per cent
      electrification had been achieved in the state.
      Irrigation and Water Supply
            Water is an essential amenity for the development of any state. Irrigation facility for the
      agriculture and horticulture is being provided in the state. Out of the total 3.35 lakh hectare area
      that can be provided assured irrigation facility, 2.69 lakh hectare area has been brought under
      irrigation schemes. Water treatment plants are being provided in all the drinking water supply
            Forest in Himachal Pradesh covers an area of 37, 033 sq. km which comes to 66.52 per cent
      of the total geographical area of the state. The strategy of government in forestry management is
      conservation along with rational utilization and side by side expanding its base. Forest plantation
      is being carried out under productive forestry scheme and soil conservation schemes. A new
      scheme “Sub-Mission on Agro Forestry” was launched with the objective to increase tree
      plantation in an integrated manner along with crops and livestock to improve employment
      opportunities of small farmers. Wildlife and nature conservation schemes aim at improving the
      habitat and facilitating provisions of areas (sanctuaries and national parks) so as to accord
      protection to the various species of birds and animals facing extinction.
      The state is endowed with all the basic resources necessary for thriving tourism activity like
      geographical and cultural diversity, clean and peaceful environment and beautiful streams, sacred
      shrines, historic monuments and hospitable people. Tourism industry has been given very high
      priority and the government has developed appropriate infrastructure for its development which
      includes public utility services, roads, communication network, airports, transport facilities, clean
      toilets at bus stands, restaurants and petrol pumps, water supply and other civic amenities.
      Besides there are 2,604 hotels having about 70869 of bed facility, about 787 home stay units are
      there in the state.
            Tourism contributes 6.8 per cent to state GDP and it is set to increase. Incentive of revised
      rates of electricity duty has been given to the new tourism industry. Package tours are being
      developed and focus is kept on the adventure, religious heritage, winter sports, trekking and
      outdoor activities.
      Relevant Website: www.himachal.nic.in
       Governor                : Dev Vrat                 Chief Secretary        : B.K. Agarwal
       Chief Minister          : Jai Ram Thakur           Jurisdiction of        : Himachal Pradesh
                                                          High Court