Today’s Assam embarks on the new charter in the path of development, laying emphasis on
      new capital formation through the creation of ecologically compliant assets in a sustainable
      manner. Loans are extended for small industries and service sector under PMRY scheme (till
      2008) and under PMEGP. Under these schemes, 2,76,022 unemployed youths have been offered
      self-employment opportunities between 2001 and 2014.
            The state’s power generation in 2014-15 was 1,894.7 MU as against 935 MU in 2001.
      Number of consumers accordingly has increased to 33 lakh as compared to 9 lakh in 2001.
      Similarly, per capita availability of electricity has also increased to 232 units as against 83 units
      in 2001. This has become possible due to timely execution of renovation and modernization
      works in all areas of power generation, distribution and transmission.
      Transport & Communication
            The state government has been placing great priority on expanding and improving the rural
      road network and construction of RCC bridges by replacing old timber bridges. Since 2001,
      more than 23,000 km of all-weather roads and about 3800 RCC bridges have been constructed.
      Moreover, construction of about 5,000 km all-weather roads including construction of 1,250
      numbers of RCC bridges is in progress.
            Assam, being an inseparable part of this great country, shares all the religious festivals
      observed elsewhere. The state also has an exclusive range of festivals which have enriched the
      cultural mosaic of the land. Bihu is by far the most important festival of Assam. While Rongali
      Bihu or Bohag Bihu, coinciding with the Assamese New Year, is the principal Bihu, the harvest
      festival, known as the Bhogali Bihu or Magh Bihu is also equally important. There is a third Bihu
      called the Kangali Bihu or Kati Bihu, which is solemnly observed to prey of love and yearning,
      sometimes having distinct erotic overtones, with characteristically catchy and earthy tunes. The
      Bodos, the largest tribal group, perform Kherai puja as a festival, which assumes the shape of a
      fair in most places. The Kherai puja is accompanied by shamanistic dance performed by female
      artists who get into a trance, other with vigorous movements of the head, tossing and swinging
      the dishevelled hair. Bathow is another important puja of the Bodos.
            Over the years, Assam, the “Gateway of the North-East” has emerged as a popular tourist
      destination. The natural beauty and bounty, the environment, rich topography, the unique flora
      and fauna, the biodiversity, virgin forest, proud hills and green valleys all contribute in making
      Assam a major hub for wildlife and echo-tourism. Assam is located about 79.5 m above sea
      level. The five national parks, nineteen wildlife sanctuaries and three bird sanctuaries are treasure
      houses of rare flora and fauna.
            Important places of tourism are Kamakhya Temple, Umananda (Peacock Island)Temple,
      Navagraha (temple of nine planets), Basistha Ashram, Doul Govinda Temple, State Zoo, State
      Museum, Madan Kamdev Temple—a magnificent archeological place of interest, Saraighat
      Bridge, Srimata Sankaradeva Kalakshetra Science Museum, Kaziranga National Park, etc.
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