Youth Hostels
            Youth Hostels are built to promote youth travel and to enable the young people to
      experience the rich cultural heritage of the country. The construction of the youth hostels is a
      joint venture of the central and state governments. While the central government bears the cost of
      construction, the state governments provide fully developed land free-of-cost, with water supply,
      electricity connection and approach roads. Youth hostels are located in areas of historical and
      cultural value, in educational centres, in tourist destinations, etc. Such hostels provide good
      accommodation for the youth at reasonable rates. Out of 83 currently operational hostels, 11
      have been transferred to Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Sports Authority of India, concerned
      state governments, for optimum use for youth and sports development and the remaining 72
      hostels are under direct control of the Ministry.
      Assistance to Scouting and Guiding Organisation
            The Department provides assistance to the scouting and guiding organisations, with a view
      to promote the scouts and guides movement in the country. This is an international movement
      aimed at building character, confidence, idealism and spirit of patriotism and service among
      young boys and girls. Scouting and guiding also seeks to promote balanced physical and mental
      development among the boys and girls. The financial assistance is provided to scouting and
      guiding organisations for various programmes such as organization of training camps, skill
      development programmes, holding of jamborees, etc. The activities, inter alia, include
      programmes related to adult literacy, environment conservation, community service, health
      awareness and promotion of hygiene and sanitation.
            Sports and games have always been seen as an integral component in all round development
      of human personality. Apart from being means of entertainment and physical fitness, sports have
      also played a great role in generation of spirit of healthy competition and bonding within the
      community. Achievements in sports have always been a source of national pride and prestige.
      With modern sports being highly competitive, the use of modern infrastructure, equipment and
      advanced scientific support has changed the scenario of sports at the international level. Keeping
      in line with the growing demands for advanced infrastructure, equipment and scientific support,
      Government of India has taken several initiatives and is providing the necessary assistance to
      sports persons by way of training and exposure in international competitions backed up with
      scientific and equipment support.
      National Sports Policy
            National Sports Policy, 2001 envisages mainly broadbasing and promotion of excellence in
      sports. The salient features of this Policy are: (i) broadbasing of sports and achievement of
      excellence; (ii) upgradation and development of infrastructure; (iii) support to national sports
      federations and other appropriate bodies; (iv) strengthening of scientific and coaching support to
      sports; (v) incentives to promote sports; (vi) enhanced participation of women, scheduled tribes
      and rural youth; (vii) involvement of corporate sector in sports promotion; and (viii) promotion
      of sports mindedness among the public at large.
      Sports Authority of India