Ministry of Finance in consultation with all stakeholders including the Department of Social
      Justice and Empowerment has brought the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Policy
      (NDPS Policy) which aims to: (a) spell out the policy towards narcotic drugs and psychotropic
      substances; (b) serve as a guide to various ministries and organisations in the government and to
      the state governments as well as international organisations, NGOs, etc., and (c) re-assert India’s
      commitment to combat the drug menace in a holistic manner.
            The Ministry of Minority Affairs was established in 2006. It has been mandated for
      formulation of policies, schemes and programmes for welfare and socio-economic development
      of 6 (six) notified minority communities namely, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis
      and Jains, which constitute more than 19 per cent of India’s population. From October 2016, the
      mandate of the Ministry has been expanded to manage Haj Pilgrimage as well.
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      15-Point Programme for Minorities
            The Prime Minister’s 15-Point programme for the Welfare of Minorities was announced in
      2006. The objectives of the programme are: (a) enhancing opportunities for education, (b)
      ensuring an equitable share for minorities in economic activities and employment, through
      existing and new schemes, enhanced credit support for self-employment and recruitment to state
      and central government jobs, (c) improving the conditions of living of minorities by ensuring an
      appropriate share for them in infrastructure development schemes, (d) prevention and control of
      communal disharmony and violence. An important aim of the new programme is to ensure that
      the benefits of various government schemes for the underprivileged reach the disadvantaged
      sections of the minority communities. In order to ensure that the benefits of these schemes flow
      equitably to the minorities, the new programme envisages location of a certain proportion of
      development projects in minority concentration areas. It also provides that, wherever possible, 15
      per cent of physical targets and financial outlays under various schemes should be earmarked for
      the target groups.
      Scholarship Schemes for Minority Students
            This Ministry is implementing three scholarship schemes for the educational empowerment
      ot students belonging to the notified minority communities:- (i) pre-matric scholarship; (ii) post-
      matric scholarship; and (iii) merit-cum-means based scholarship.
            To improve transparency in scholarship schemes, a new and revamped version of National
      Scholarship Portal was launched for various ministries Central government including Ministry of
      Minority Affairs for extending scholarships during 2016-17. All the above three scholarship
      schemes of this Ministry are on NSP 2.0 portal. The scholarships are transferred in the bank
      accounts of students in Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode. Wherever Aadhaar numbers are
      available, the bank accounts of students are being limited and transferred to such accounts.
      (i) Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme: The pre-matric scholarship scheme was approved in 2008. It
      is a central sector scheme with 100 per cent central funding. The students who secure 50 per cent
      marks in the previous examination and whose parents’/guardians’ annual income does not
      exceed ₹ 1.00 lakh, are eligible. Under the Scheme, 30 lakh fresh scholarships are proposed to be
      awarded every year in addition to the renewals. 30 per cent of scholarships have been earmarked