provide technical services to the line departments in order to improve agricultural production and
      socio-economic status of the people in north east.
      Minor Irrigation and Water Bodies Census
           A Centrally Sponsored Scheme, Rationalization of Minor Irrigation Statistics (RMIS) was
      launched in 1987-88 in the Ministry of Water Resources, with cent per cent assistance to the
      states/UTs. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan, the RMIS scheme was converted as one of the
      components of the Central Sector Scheme - Development of Water Resources Information
      System (DWRIS). In 2017-18, the scheme was renamed as “Irrigation Census” and brought
      under the umbrella scheme,” Prime Minister’s Krishi Sinchai Yojana and other Schemes”. The
      main objective of the Irrigation Census scheme is to build up a comprehensive and reliable
      database in the Minor Irrigation (MI) sector for effective planningand policymaking. Under it,
      each state/UT has identified a nodal department for compilation of minor irrigation statistics for
      the entire state/UT.
           Data base on Minor Irrigation (MI) schemes plays an important role in policy formulation
      for water resources available in the country. MI censuses are a rich source of information on
      India’s ground water sector. In the MI Censuses detailed information on various
      aspects/parameters like irrigation sources (dug well, shallow tube well, medium tube well, deep
      tube well, surface flow and surface lift schemes),irrigation potential created, potential utilized,
      ownership,holding size of land by the owner, devices used for lifting water, source of energy,
      energy conserving devices such as sprinkler and drip irrigation, use of non-conventional energy
      sources such as solar pumps, windmills etc. is collected.
           Detailed database on minor irrigation works in the country has been generated through five
      censuses carried out under the scheme so far with reference years 1986-87, 1993-94, 2000-01,
      2006-07 and 2013-14 respectively. The census reports are available on the website of this