itself with completion of several national projects from concept to commissioning stage. Some of
      them are in remote and hazardous location over the country.
      Water and Power Consultancy Services
            To utilise the expertise of the engineers who had carried out pioneering work and to share
      the knowledge and experience with other developing countries and in turn earning foreign
      currency Water and Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS) was established in 1969.
      WAPCOS provided opportunities to Indian engineers to work in diverse geographical and
      climatic regions thereby enhancing India’s knowledge and expertise. India came to be recognised
      for its cost effective technical know-how and dedicated technical manpower. Diplomatic
      initiatives were facilitated to forge long-term friendships with other developing countries and
      consultancy services contributed in their own small way in the economic development by
      earning valuable foreign exchange. Gradually other consultancy organisations established
      themselves and finally earned name and fame on the strength of the Indian human resources and
      innovative technology.
            Main fields of specialization of the Company cover irrigation, drainage and water
      management, ground water exploration and minor irrigation, flood control and river morphology,
      river management, dams and reservoir engineering, water bodies and land conservation,
      agriculture, watershed management, natural resources management, hydropower, thermal power,
      pumped storage project, transmission and distribution, rural electrification, non-conventional
      sources of energy, water supply, sanitation and drainage, environment, ports, harbours and inland
      waterways, urban and rural areas development, roads and highway engineering, buildings and
      townships. The Company provides concept to commissioning services for developmental
      projects in India and abroad.
            Consultancy services have made a niche in the innovative as well as conventional fields and
      have effectively contributed in the development process of the nation. Healthy growth trends all
      over the world call for requisition of services of consultants for high quality jobs and realization
      of the need for professional involvement has widened the vistas for consultants to operate.
            Immediately after independence, attention was focussed on the construction of water
      resources and power projects across India. Nearly 4300 large dams (including 695 under
      construction) have been built and constructed along with canal systems and allied structures.
      Some of the multipurpose projects like Bhakra Dam, Hirakud Dam, Nagarjuna Dam and
      Dantewada Dam find mention amongst the world’s largest projects. In the first two decades after
      independence, foreign consultants had to be engaged for the planning and construction of large
      North Eastern Regional Institute of Water and Land Management
            The North Eastern Regional Institute of Water and Land Management (NERIWALM) was
      established at Tezpur, Assam by North Eastern Council (NEC), in 1989. The Institute is under
      the administrative control of this Ministry. The Institute is situated in 3km away from the
      historically famous town of Tezpur, Sonitpur district of Assam which is located on the north
      bank of mighty river Brahmaputra at about 180 km from Guwahati. It is connected by road, rail
      and air with other parts of the country.
            The main objective of the Institute is to provide capacity building, undertake research and