flying and ground instructors, with long experience in the field of aviation and flying training.
      The aim at IGRUA is not only to train to make a pilot but also to make one an effective systems
      manager in aeronautics. The flying trainees of the Akademi acquire the standard required for
      their transit with ease into the cockpits of the airlines. It is an Autonomous Body under the
      control of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The Akademi has made remarkable expansion of its
      existing infrastructure, viz., doubling the capacity of hostel from 72 fully furnished rooms to 144
      including a 20 room girls’ hostel. Recarpeting of roads, installation of solar water heating system
      in hostels, installation of air-conditioning plant having capacity of 60 TR X 3, laying of new
      water supply lines, renovations of sports complex, a newly constructed swimming pool,
      recreation centre etc., are the other major infrastructure upgradations carried out in the
      institutional area.
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      Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India
            The Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) is a statutory body constituted under
      the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India Act. 2008 in 2009 with its head office at
      Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University
            Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University (RGNAU) is a central university under the
      administrative control of the Ministry. The university has been established by the Rajiv Gandhi
      National Aviation University Act, 2013. It is situated at Fursatganj, Raebareli, district Amethi,
      Uttar Pradesh. The University has been envisaged as the premier institution for higher learning
      within the aviation milieu aimed at providing cutting edge and critical training and research to
      enhance the aviation industry within India. It awards diploma, degree and post graduate degrees
      in the field of civil aviation.
            The objective of the University is to facilitate and promote aviation studies, teaching,
      training and research in conjunction with the industry to achieve excellence in operations and
      management of all the sub-sectors within the aviation industry.
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