Air Navigation Services
            Authority of India (AAI) provides Air Navigation Services (ANS) at all civil airports in the
      country. AAI manages the designated Indian air space measuring 2.8 million square nautical
      miles which includes land area measuring 1.05 million square nautical miles and oceanic
      airspace measuring 1.75 million square nautical miles Air Navigation Services are also provided
      by the AAI at 11 other airports that are not managed by AAI namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru,
      Hyderabad, Cochin, Lengpui, Diu, Latur, Mundra, Nanded and Sathya Sai Puttaparthy airports,
      which are joint venture airports, state government owned airports and private airports.
            GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) is an augmentation system to enhance the
      accuracy and integrity of GPS signals to meet precision approach requirements in Civil Aviation
      and it is being implemented jointly by AAI and ISRO. It is fully operational since May 2015 and
      available on 24 x 7 basis. Presently GAGAN Signal-in-Space is available to users from two
      geostationary satellites (GSAT-8 and GSAT-10) and third geo-satellite GSAT-15 is in the
      process of integration with GAGAN system.
      Air India
            Consequent upon merger of erstwhile Air India Ltd. and Indian Airlines, a new company
      viz., National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL) was incorporated. Consequently
      post merger, the new entity is known as “Air India” and the appointed date of the merger is 1
      April 2007. The “Maharaja” is retained as its mascot. The Registered Office of the Company is
      in New Delhi. Air India Ltd. is basically a passenger orientated airlines operating to 72 on - line
      domestic stations (including Alliance Air) and 42 international destinations in 28 countries. It is
      in transport services sector under the administrative control of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
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      Air- India Air Transport Service Limited (AIATSL)
            AIATSL provides ground handling services at 65 airports. Apart from handling the flights
      of Air India Limited and its airlines subsidiary companies, ground handling is also provided for
      24 foreign scheduled airlines, 4 domestic scheduled airlines, 3 regional airlines, 16 seasional
      charter airlines, 23 foreign airlines availing perishable cargo handling.
      Air-India Charters Limited (AICL)
            AICL operates a low cost airline under the brand name “Air India Express”. Launched in
      2005 with a fleet of 3 leased B737-800 aircraft, it operated from 3 stations in Kerala to 5 stations
      in the Gulf. As on 31 March 2016, AICL had a fleet of 17 B737-800 owned and 1 B737-800
      leased aircraft. It operated to 12 Indian and 13 foreign on-line stations.
      Air-India Engineering Services Limited-Aiesl (AIESL)
            AIESL presently provides Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services to a fleet of
      135 aircraft of Air India Limited and its subsidiary companies viz. Air India Charters Ltd. and
      Airline Allied Services Limited and few third party Airlines. MRO services are proposed to be
      provided to all the airlines and aircraft within the flying distance of 5 hours from the facility.
      Airline Allied Services Limited- (AASL)
            As in 2016 the Company had 3 ATR-42-320s, 5 ATR-72-600 and 3 CRJ-700s leased
      aircraft in its fleet. At the end of the year, the network of the Company consisted of 29 stations
      within the Country. Presently, it operates around 196 flights per week.