maritime organizations, promotion of maritime education and training, examination and
      certification, supervision of other subordinate offices for their effective functioning etc.
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      Shipping Corporation of India Limited
            The Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) was formed in 1961 by amalgamation of Eastern
      Shipping Corporation and Western Shipping Corporation through ‘Shipping Corporation
      Amalgamation Order 1961. The amalgamation envisaged better co-ordination of policies, greater
      economy and efficiencies of operations between the two companies. Sailing through for five
      decades, SCI continues to be the country’s premier shipping line, owning a fleet of 70 vessels.
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      Cochin Shipyard Limited
            Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), located in Kochi in Kerala is one of the largest shipyards
      in the country which can build ships upto 1, 10,000 DWT and repair ships upto 1, 25,000 DWT.
      The yard has built and delivered over 100 ships including tankers, bulk carriers, port crafts,
      offshore vessels, tugs and passenger vessels. The company has exported around 45 ships over the
      last decade and is currently building one of the most prestigious warships of the Indian Navy
      Indigenous Aircraft Carrier. Apart from the aircraft carrier, the Yard has delivered 20 fast patrol
      vessels to the Indian Coast Guard. CSL also has a strong presence in ship repair. In the shiprepair
      segment it has repaired and maintained various types of ships such as merchant vessels, naval
      crafts, coast guard vessels, dredgers, jack up rigs, etc. It is the only yard which has regularly
      undertaken dry dock repairs of the aircraft carriers of Indian Navy. CSL had the privilege of
      receiving INS Viraat for the 13th time - her last refit in 2016-17 and ISO9001 certificate.
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      Dredging Corporation of India
            Dredging Corporation of India Ltd. (DClL) was formed in 1976 to provide integrated
      dredging and related marine services for promoting the country’s national and international
      maritime trade, beach nourishment, reclamation, inland dredging, environmental protection and
      ultimately to become a global player, in the field of dredging. Located strategically on the eastern
      seaboard of India at Visakhapatnam, DCI helps ensure continuous availability of the desired
      depths in the shipping channels of the major and minor ports, navy, fishing harbours and other
      maritime organizations. It also serves the nation in a variety of ways, be it capital dredging for
      creation of new harbours, deepening of existing harbours or maintenance dredging for the
      upkeep of the required depths at various ports.
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      Andaman and Lakshadweep Harbour Works
            Andaman and Lakshadweep Harbour Works (ALHW) a subordinate office under Ministry
      of Shipping was established during 1965 for the service of A&N Islands and Lakshadweep
      Islands. The ALHW is entrusted with the responsibilities of formulating and implementing the
      programme of Ministry of Shipping for providing port and harbour facilities in the islands.
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