sectors, empowerment of start-ups and small and medium enterprises, contribute through
      partners for capability enhancement and diffusion of innovation, enable commercialization of
      discovery and ensure global competitiveness of Indian enterprises. BIRAC has initiated
      partnerships with several national and global partners to collaborate and deliver the salient
      features of its mandate. Biotech Ignition Grant (BIG) scheme under BIRAC is encouraging
      scheme for the young investigators for entrepreneurial and managerial development of SME’s in
      biotechnology through incubators.
           The Department is also having two PSUs namely Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals
      Corporation Limited (BIBCOL) and Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
      (BIRAC). BIBCOL is a leading biotechnology company based in Uttar Pradesh, currently
      manufactures and produces a range of pharmaceutical products such as Oral Polio Vaccines
      (OPV Vaccine), zinc tablet and diarrheal management kit, etc. Its mission is to save the lives of
      millions of children from avoidable disability, through polio vaccination. BIRAC is a not-for-
      profit Section 8, Schedule B, public sector enterprise, set up as an interface agency to strengthen
      and empower the emerging biotech enterprise to undertake strategic research and innovation,
      addressing nationally relevant product development needs.
           BIRAC is a new industry academic interface and implements its mandate through a wide
      range of impact initiatives, be it providing access to risk capital through targeted funding,
      technology transfer, IP management and hand holding schemes that help bring innovation
      excellence to the biotech firms and make them globally competitive. In its three years of
      existence, BIRAC has initiated several schemes, networks and platforms that help to bridge the
      existing gaps in the industry-academia innovation research and facilitate novel, high quality
      affordable products development through cutting edge technologies.