International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
      (ICGEB), Delhi is endeavouring to bring excellence in genetic engineering with
      collaborative partnership of scientists from all over the world. The Centre is engaged in
      conducting training programme on discovery of new drugs against malaria and micro RNAs in
      plant development and stress management. The broad research areas are malaria, virology,
      immunology, recombinant gene products, structural and computational biology, plant molecular
      biology, insect resistance, plant transformation and synthetic biology and bio-fuels.
      Industrial and Entrepreneurship Development
            Under Industrial and Entrepreneurship Development schemes, the Department supported
      translational research and public private partnership programme including bio-incubators and
      biotech parks.
      Biotechnology Parks and Incubators
            The Department of Biotechnology promotes biotech research and helps to translate research
      into products and services. One of the means by which development of new commercial products
      is to be achieved through the setting up the biotechnology parks, where facilities for technology
      incubation, technology demonstration and pilot plant studies are provided for accelerated
      commercial development of biotechnology. The Department in partnership with state
      governments/state government organisations/central government organisations has established
      biotechnology parks and incubators in diffferent parts of the country to facilitate biotech product
      development, entrepreneurship, research and innovation.
      Bangalore Life Science Cluster for Multi-scale Basic and Applied
      Research in Biological Sciences (B-Life), Bengaluru promotes research and
      technology development through generation of ideas, sharing resources and infrastructure
      amongst the partnering institutes. The cluster partnering institutes are: Institute for Stem Cell
      Science and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS),
      Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (CCAMP), and Institute of Bioinformatics and
      Applied Biotechnology (IBAB). The clusters are engaged in establishment of innovative
      institutional model for cutting-edge scientific research, where existing centres of excellence are
      used for the development of new centres with challenging new mandates.
      NCR Biotech Science Cluster is established by involving five autonomous institutes of
      DBT (NII, NIPGR, NBRC, THSTI and RCB). The Cluster is supporting discovery driven
      research in biology and developments of novel technologies and facilitation of public-private
      partnerships through biotech business incubators and parks. It creates network with the potential
      constituent institutions to bring synergistic ecosystem for accelerating discoveries.
      Public Sector Undertakings
            The Department has promoted new industry academia interface and stimulating strategic
      research and innovation capabilities of the Indian biotech industry, particularly start-ups and
      SME’s, for creation of affordable products addressing the needs of the largest section of society.
      As an interface agency Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) has been
      set up to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, promote affordable innovation in key social