Scientific and Technological Developments
           THE Department of Science and Technology (DST) functions as the nodal agency to
      connect science and technology sector to Government verticals. DST provides the largest
      extramural research and development support in the country to strengthen national S&T capacity
      and capability through a competitive mode to scientists cutting across institutions and
      disciplines. This strategically important function mutually reinforces outcomes of our country’s
      educational, scientific and industrial R&D initiatives and helps transform the S&T landscape of
      the country.
      Department of Science and Technology
           Department of Science and Technology, in its endeavour to strengthen national science and
      technology capacity and capability, kept its pace to implement several planned initiatives to
      enable Indian S&T community to increase scientific and technological outputs. Some of the
      important domains in which the Department devotes its attention are: strengthening the pool of
      scientists and technologists for carrying out globally competitive R&D in cutting edge areas of
      science; nurturing R&D institutions and building infrastructural facilities for enhancing global
      ranking of India in scientific research; support for the establishment of multi-stakeholder
      mechanisms for partnerships for promoting science; deploying technology through national
      missions; developing capacity of institutions and industry for technology commercialization for
      solving national challenges; providing S&T inputs to society for its socio-economic benefits; and
      policy formulation for this sector.
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      Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
           The new Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy unveiled in 2013 includes a
      thrust for innovations in science and technology sector. STI policy reveals an aspiration to gain
      global competitiveness and link science sector to the developmental agenda of the country.
      Science, research and innovation system for high technology led path for India (SRISHTI) is the
      main policy goal. Integration of science, research and innovation systems and emergence of
      India as one of the top five of six knowledge powers in science are expressed aspirations of the
      new STI policy. To translate this vision into action, the Department has already established a
      dedicated Policy Research Cell. Five policy research centres in academic institutions have been
      established to develop and design new programmes and action plans for implementation in
      science, technology and innovation sector in the country.
      Science and Engineering Research
           The research and development in frontier areas of science and engineering has received an
      overwhelming support with the establishment of the Science and Engineering Research Board
      (SERB). The multifaceted programmes of the Board have ensured its reach among various S&T
      stakeholders. Several new initiatives have been launched by the Board recently to reverse the