Diploma Course in Journalism-Oriya; 4. Post-graduate Diploma Course in Radio and TV
      Journalism-English and Hindi; and 5. Post-graduate Diploma Course in Advertising and Public
      Relations (English and Hindi).
           This four month diploma course is highly sought after by mid career level working
      journalists in Africa, Asia and Latin America and other developing countries. The average intake
      of participants is 20-25 per batch. The Institute organizes two such courses each year.
      Short-term Courses, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences
           With a view to contributing towards better understanding of different issues pertaining to
      mass communication in the context of India and other developing countries and in order to
      increase awareness about the emerging techniques and sharpening their basic skills, the Institute
      has been organizing a variety of short-term courses, workshops, seminars and conferences in
      various areas of communication and media. The Institute runs regular short-term academic
      programmes for personnel of different media units of the Ministry of Information and
      Broadcasting. A number of specialized short-term courses, ranging from one week to 12 weeks’
      duration, are also conducted for meeting the professional training needs of defence officials and
      those working in various media/publicity organizations of the central/ state governments and
      Public Sector Enterprises.
      Relevant Website: www.iimc.nic.in
      Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited
           Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd. (BECIL), a profit making PSE was
      constituted in 1995 to provide the national broadcasters’ expertise to the private broadcasters in
      the country. At present, BECIL is an established consultancy agency, system integrator and
      turnkey solution provider in all spheres of Broadcast Engineering. BECIL also undertakes
      operation and maintenance of various types of broadcast systems. Its clients include government,
      semi government, overseas and private organisations.
           The area of specialisation of BECIL is as follows: establishment of radio and TV
      transmitting facility including frequency and coverage planning, prediction etc.; setting up state-
      of-the-art studio facilities for audio and video including ethernet connectivity capable of
      transmitting live content and data; establishment of cable TV systems and HITs (Head End In
      The Sky) and wireline broadcasting; turnkey Solution for establishing community radio stations;
      establishment from concept to commissioning of electronic media monitoring solutions (Radio
      and TV Terrestrial or Satellite), and security related Surveillance Set ups for GSM, CDMA and
      VSAT, sales and support for all type of broadcast engineering equipment/system, design and
      integration of outside broadcast vans (DSNG) with state-of-the-art technology. providing
      professionals for O&M of broadcast stations, TV studios, satellite earth stations, Electronic
      Media Monitoring Centre and supply and support for various type of monitoring, interception
      and encryption, decryption devices for forces and intelligence agencies.
           BECIL client list includes Government, Semi Government, Overseas and Private
      organizations. It has many firsts to its credit like establishment of first teleport in India, first to
      establish infrastructure, first to set-up multi channel FM transmission in India combining up to 7
      FM channels at Bengaluru, first to design and establish HDTV studio set-up for Presidential
      Secretariat and Lok Sabha TV, to name a few.