Song and Drama Division
            The Song and Drama Division was set up in 1954 as a unit of All India Radio and was given
      the status of an Independent media unit in 1956 with the mandate of development
      communication. This is the largest organization in the country using performing arts as a
      medium of communication. The Division uses a wide range of art forms such as drama, ballets,
      operas, theatrical shows on national themes such as communal harmony, national integration,
      secularism, promotion of cultural heritage, health, environment, education, etc., through sound
      and light programmes.
      Film and Television Institute of India
            The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) was set up in 1960. Following the addition
      of Television wing in 1974, the Institute was re-designated as Film and Television Institute of
      India. The Institute became a Society in October, 1974 under the Registration of Societies Act,
      1860. The Society consists of eminent personalities connected with film, television,
      communication, culture, alumni of institute and ex-officio government members. The Institute is
      governed by a Governing Council, headed by a Chairman. The academic policies and plans of
      the Institute are formulated by the Academic Council. The matters involving finance are
      controlled by the Standing Finance Committee. The Institute consists of two Wings, The Film
      wing and the TV Wing, and offers courses in both Film and Television. The Three-year Diploma
      Courses lead to a Post Graduate Diploma in Film Direction, cinematography, Audiography and
      Film Editing. The Institute also offers a two-year post graduate diploma course in acting, a two-
      year post graduate course in art direction and production design, and one-year post graduate
      certificate course.
            Film and Television Institute of India provides the latest education and technological
      experience in the art and technique of film making and television production. In-service training
      is provided to officers of all grades of the Doordarshan and others. It is equipped with the latest
      digital and broadcast grade production set-ups viz. Non Linear, beta cam and A/B roll editing
      setups, digital cameras viz. Sony BVP-500 P, Soft Chroma Keyer, digital special effect
      generator, silicon graphics 02 workstations with Alias software, modern movie cameras,
      rerecording equipment etc. which provide an excellent exposure to the faculty and students of
      Film and Television Institute.
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      Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute
            Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata was established as an
      autonomous educational institution and was registered under the West Bengal Societies
      Registration Act, 1961. Located at Kolkata and named after the legendary film maestro Satyajit
      Ray, SRFTI is the second national level film training institute to be established by the
      Government of India. The institute offers three-year post-graduate diploma courses in direction
      and screenplay writing, cinematography, editing and audiography. Apart from the basic diploma
      course, the institute also has the provision to conduct short and medium term courses on areas
      related to film and television. Research and explorative studies in sociology, culture and
      technology of film and television are the other areas of focus in SRFTI.