at the Headquarters consists of several wings like campaign, advertising, outdoor publicity,
      printed publicity, exhibition, mass mailing, audio visual wing, design studio, administration and
      accounts wings. It has two regional offices at Bengaluru and Guwahati to coordinate the
      Directorate’s activities in the regions.
           DAVP has a network of 32 Field Exhibition Units spread all over the country. The Field
      Exhibition Units act as a vital communication link between the government and the people.
      These Units mount multimedia exhibitions on social and developmental themes in far flung areas
      of the country to disseminate information about the policies and programmes of the central
      government on key national issues.
      Integration of DFP, S&DD and DAVP
           Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has integrated the human and financial resources
      of Directorate of Field Publicity (DFP), Song and Drama Division (S&DD) and DAVP
      undertaking the integrated publicity/ communication campaigns.
           For Regional and Field Units, all regional offices/field units of S &DD and DAVP will be
      subsumed in the 22 Regional Offices and 147 Field Units of DFP. Accordingly, S&DD and
      DAVP will have to close their existing regional field units and collocate them in the regional
      field units closest to them. The Integrated Regional Units will be renamed as Regional Outreach
      Bureaus (ROBs).
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      Directorate of Field Publicity
           Directorate of Field Publicity, (DFP), a media unit is the only Directorate under
      Government of India engaged in interpersonal communication. DFP undertakes well conceived
      communication programmes among the target and potential beneficiaries through inter-personal
      and micro level communication activities like briefings to opinion leaders, interactive sessions
      with target beneficiaries, group discussions, quiz and other competitions like Healthy Mother &
      Baby shows, photo exhibitions, rallies, film shows, and public meetings. In this process, DFP
      gets support from other implementing central and state departments/agencies.
           There are 22 regional offices which are mostly located at state capitals and 207 Field
      Publicity Units which are spread all over the country and mostly located at district headquarters.
      Each regional office has 6 to 14 Field Units under its jurisdiction. The Field Publicity Units are
      equipped with vehicles and audio visual equipment for their field level activities. DFP’s
      communication teams organized awareness generation programmes on Government schemes and
      policies among the masses, mainly in remote, rural and media shadow areas.
           DFP has adopted ICT in a big way to facilitate functioning of its Regional Offices and Field
      Publicity Units in a more effective way. All the Regional Offices and Field Units have been
      equipped suitably to regularly report on programmes, financial and administrative matters
      ‘online’. DFP has an informative website and 22 of its regions have their respective web pages.
      The Directorate has been using social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for
      highlighting its outreach activities and promoting deliverable messages on the programmes and
      schemes of the government.
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