shorts of Indian Cinema and recording of new picture and sound inter-negatives of each film;
      (iv) digitization of 1160 feature films and 1660 shorts; (v) construction of archival and
      preservation facilities for preservation of material restored under NFHM in dust free, low
      humidity, and low temperature conditions at NFAI campus, Pune; and (vi) training workshops
      and courses in field of conservation, preservation and archiving in co-ordination with
      international agencies that are experts in this field.
      Children’s Film Society of India
           Children’s Film Society of India (CFSI) which started functioning in 1955 as an
      autonomous body under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, is mandated to produce
      children’s film and exhibit and create and nurture a dynamic child’s culture in the country with a
      purpose of stimulating their creativity, compassion and critical thinking. CFSI has produced,
      exhibited and distributed films, serials, animations and documentaries - that entertain and
      encourage children to reflect upon the world around them. With an enviable catalogue of over
      260 films in 15 different languages, CFSI remains the prime producer of children’s films in the
      country. Several of these films have won prestigious national and international awards.
           CFSI films provide a value based edutainment to a large number of children through the art
      form called cinema. These films are not only bearing entertainment value but there are lots of
      take away messages in them which include: Dreams aren’t impossible when the desire is strong,
      respect elders, tribal are also the citizens of our country and we must respect them; family is
      above all and do all to save its each member; hard work not miracles pay you off; social bonding
      through games; love flora and fauna; don’t be ashamed of any physical disability; children also
      can contribute to nation building, national unity, etc.
      Film Production
           An opportunity to prospective film-makers to make children’s film in any genre or duration
      in 23 Indian languages, is funded by CFSI. CFSI has annual target of 3 feature+2 short films
      with total budgetary grant of 10 crore, including NE component. CFSI also undertake dubbing,
      subtitle and even purchase award winning foreign films.
      Participation in National/International Film Festivals
           CFSI films participate and win acclaim in various renowned National/ International Film
      Festivals and have won several prestigious national and international awards.
      Relevant Website:
      Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity
           Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP), established in 1955, is the nodal
      multi media advertising agency of the Government of India. Over the past 60 years it has been
      catering to the communication needs of almost all central ministries/departments, autonomous
      bodies and PSUs by providing them single window, cost effective service. It informs and
      educates people, both rural and urban, about the government’s policies and programmes and
      motivates them to participate in developmental activities, through its various vehicles of
      communication viz., print media advertising, audio visual advertising, printed publicity,
      exhibitions, outdoor publicity, new media and mass mailing. The organizational set-up of DAVP