representative collection of world cinema; to classify and document data related to film,
      undertake and encourage research on cinema and publish and distribute them; to act as a centre
      for dissemination of films culture in the country and to ensure the cultural presence of Indian
      cinema abroad. During the 50 years of its existence NFAI has been making rapid strides in
      achieving its goals.
      Film Storage/Preservation
           NFAI houses, nearly 27 state-of-the-art, film preservation facilities/ vaults with global
      standards and specifications. These vaults have the capacity of nearly 2 lakh film reels storage.
      The film vaults are maintained with following temperatures for black and white films, colour
      films and nitrate based films:-
       Type of films                       Temperatures             Relative Humidity
       Nitrate Films                       10°—12° C                40 per cent
       Black & White films                 10°—12° C                40 to 50 per cent
       Colour films                        2°—4° C                  30 per cent
      Film Appreciation Course
           An important activity under dissemination of film culture is screen education scheme which
      includes long and short term film appreciation courses, conducted in collaboration with various
      educational and cultural institutions across India.
      Supply of Films
           NFAI’s activities to disseminate film culture in the country are manifold. Its Distribution
      Library has about 25 active film club/ members throughout the country. The Archive supplies
      films for various screening programmes and film festivals across India.
      Participation in Film Festivals
           NFAI participates in various film festivals in India and abroad, showcasing its collection of
      classic films at various retrospectives and poster exhibitions on unique themes, curated for the
      Relevant Website:
      National Film Heritage Mission
           National Film Heritage Mission (NFHM), a prestigious mission of Government of India
      project was set up in November, 2014 for restoring and preserving the film heritage of India.
      This is a part of 12th Five Year Plan which will spill over to 13th Five Year Plan. This initiative
      will be greatly appreciated by the film industry. This new plan scheme has taken care of
      digitization/restoration of films available with NFAI.
           Objectives of NFHM include: (i) to undertake film condition assessment of the film
      collection and to ascertain the left over life of the film; (ii) preventive conservation of 1,32,000
      film reels; (iii) 2k/4k picture and sound restoration of 1086 landmark feature films and 1152