Archival Research Centre
            Archival Research Centre (ARC), a multi station research facility by Films Division has
      been opened on October 26, 2013. The aim of this facility is to share the enormous wealth of
      visual history and visual documentation that Films Division has accumulated since its
      conception. The ARC makes the entire archive of Films Division available to the fifteen research
      stations presently routed to it. The Films Division archive will be available to these fifteen
      stations for viewing and research purposes.
      International Documentary Film Festival
            Since 1990, Films Division organises the biennial Mumbai International Film Festival for
      Documentary, Short and Animation Films (MIFF). It provides a unique opportunity for film
      makers, producers, distributors, exhibitors and film critics to meet and exchange ideas and
      National Museum of Indian Cinema
            The concept of National Museum of Indian Cinema (NMIC) is a unique idea to be pursued
      for the first time in the history of Indian Cinema. In the last 100 years of Indian Cinema, lot of
      historical material suitable for the film museum has been destroyed, damaged or not taken care
      of properly due to lack of restoration and preservation facilities of this kind. The Film Museum
      will not only provide a store house of information to the laymen but it will also help film makers,
      film students, enthusiasts and critics to know the development of cinema as a medium of artistic
      expression not only in the country but in all parts of the world, as there is no Film Museum in
      FD Zone
            FD Zone is a collaborative effort of Films Division with independent film makers to
      organize regular curated screenings of documentaries, short films and animation films and avant-
      garde and meaningful cinema. For every screening, an independent film maker curates on
      voluntary basis a mixture of films of Films Division and independent film makers. The Director,
      cinematographer or editor, sound recordist and other main members of the crew of the
      independent films screened in the event are invited for interaction with the audience. The
      screenings are free and open to all.
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      National Film Development Corporation Limited
            The National Film Development Corporation Limited (NFDC), incorporated in 1975, (100
      per cent owned GOI body) was formed by the Government of India with the primary objective of
      planning and promoting an organized, efficient, and integrated development of the Indian film
      industry. NFDC was reincorporated in the year 1980, by merging the Film Finance Corporation
      (FFC) and Indian Motion Picture Export Corporation (IMPEC) with NFDC.
            The erstwhile Film Finance Corporation (FFC) was set up in 1964, with the primary
      objective of extending finance to young talented film makers for film production, whereas, the
      Indian Motion Picture Export Corporation (MPEC), an autonomous body, was set up to regulate
      the import and export of Films and canalization of new stock into the country. In recognition of