Creation of Digital Archives and e-books: Publications Division has undertaken an
      important task of digitization of its publications with a purpose to preserve and promote the same
      and is also making e-books of selected saleable titles. The Digital archives is made to preserve
      the archival value books. Since 2015, the Reference Annual- India and Bharat are digitized and
      converted into fully searchable and downloadable e-books for use on a variety of electronic
            Online sale of books and journals: DPD has also developed a portal to sell its printed
      journals online through Bharatkosh ( payment gateway developed in
      collaboration with Controller General of Accounts (CGA), Ministry of Finance.
            Computerisation of Inventory and other Business operations: The entire business process of
      Publications Division including inventory management, payment of royalty, sales, accounts,
      subscribers management, networking with the Sales Emporia have been computerized which
      enables the websites to sell printed books as well as e books through its Digital Rights
      Management platform.
            The     Division    has     dedicated     websites, for Yojana and http://employmentnews. for Employment News.
            Publications     Division      also    has     presence       on     facebook      at    https:// division and @DPD_India.
      Business and Distribution Network
            The sales and distribution of books and periodicals published by Publications Division is
      undertaken through its headquarters in Soochna Bhawan and offices at Delhi Secretariat,
      Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram.
      Relevant Website:
      Films Division
            The story of the Films Division is synchronous with the eventful years of the country since
      Independence and over the last 67 years, the Division has been motivating the broadest spectrum
      of the Indian public with a view to enlisting their active participation in nation building activities.
      The aims and objectives of the Division, focused on national perspectives, are to educate and
      motivate people in the implementation of national programmes and to project the image of the
      land and the heritage of the country to Indian and foreign audiences. The Division also aims at
      fostering the growth of the documentary film movement, which is of immense significance for
      the country in the information, communication and integration. Films Division produces
      documentaries, short films, animation films and news magazines. It caters to nearly 4000 cinema
      theatres all over the country and also to the non-theatrical circuits like units of the Directorate of
      Field Publicity, Doordarshan, educational institutions, film societies and voluntary organizations.
      The documentaries and newsreels of state governments are also featured in the Division’s release
      on the theatrical circuit. This Division also sells prints, stock shots, DVDs/ VCDs and
      distribution rights of documentaries and feature films in India and abroad. Apart from production
      of films, Films Division also gives on hire, its recording theatre, editing rooms and other fine
      equipment to film makers.