Publications Division, a repository of books and journals highlighting subjects of national
      importance and India’s rich cultural heritage, was established in 1941. It has emerged as a
      premier publishing house of the Government of India, enriching national knowledge repository
      in: (i) preserving and showcasing India’s heritage with quality publications of land and people,
      history of freedom movement, art and culture, flora and fauna, biographies of the builders of
      modern India during the freedom movement, leading lights in the field of culture philosophy,
      science, literature, etc., (ii) chronicling the contemporary with bringing out speeches of the
      Presidents / Prime Ministers, books on contemporary science, economy, history and other
      subjects with underlying focus on Indian society and readership, and (iii) bringing out children’s
            It is among the premier publishing organizations of the Government of India involved in
      production, sale and distribution of popular books and journals on matters of national
      importance. The Division publishes books and journals on diverse aspects of Indian panorama,
      ranging from art and culture, biographies of the Builders of Modern India, cultural leaders of
      India, life and works of other prominent Indian personalities form different walks of life, India’s
      history and freedom struggle among many other subjects.
            The Division has published several books on Gandhian thoughts including the Collected
      Works of Mahatma Gandhi (CWMG) in 100 volumes, in English and Sampoorna Gandhi
      Vangmaya in Hindi which is considered to be the most comprehensive and authentic collection
      of Gandhiji’s writings. Publications Division, in collaboration with Gujarat Vidyapith, and under
      supervision of prominent Gandhian scholars, has also prepared the e-version of the Collected
      Works of Mahatma Gandhi (e-CWMG), fully searchable master copy, in the form of a well-
      designed set of DVDs. The print version of CWMG based on the master copy has also been
      reprinted under guidance of an Experts Panel. Publications Division has also been engaged in
      restoring and reprinting several heritage publications in partnership with National Gandhi
            Many important Gandhian publications have been brought out to commemorate Gandhiji’s
      150th  birth anniversary in 2019 viz., Indian Women in Satyagraha, Gandhi: an Indian Patriot in
      South Africa (English), Gandhi in Champaran (Tamil and Kannada editions) and many other
      Gandhian titles for children and young people in English, Hindi and regional languages.
            Besides books, the Publications Division also publishes 18 monthly journals, which include
      Yojana in English, Hindi and 11 other languages, Aajkal (Hindi and Urdu), Bal Bharati (Hindi),
      Kurukshetra (English and Hindi) and a weekly journal Employment News (English, Hindi and
      Urdu). Its journals have a large readership and enjoy a high degree of credibility. These journals
      reflect the initiatives of the Government and the country’s progress in different areas covering a
      wide range of subjects such as economic development, rural reconstruction, community
      development, literature, culture, children’s literature, and information on employment and career
      opportunities. The journals can be subscribed online, details are available on its website.
            Employment News/Rozgar Samachar, is a weekly journal, released every Saturday, and is
      published simultaneously in Hindi, English and Urdu. Launched in 1976, the weekly carries
      advertisements for job vacancies as advertised by centre and state governments, public sector
      undertakings, autonomous bodies, universities, admission notices for professional courses,
      examination notices and results of organizations like UPSC, SSC and other general recruitment