across the country are also kept in a state of readiness to handle any sudden development and
      unexpected situation even after 9.00 P.M. The Control Room functions on 24X7 basis during
      emergencies and time of crisis.
      Feedback, Feature and Photo Services
           One of the important functions of PIB is to keep the government informed of public
      perception about government policies and programmes as reflected in media. The feedback
      reports include inputs from the national dailies published from the capital, from regional
      language newspapers as sent by the regional/branch offices, inputs from TV news channels, web
      media and magazines.
           The Bureau also provides inputs regarding media trends on important matters relating to
      their ministries/departments. The Feature Unit of the Bureau issue features, success stories
      backgrounders, info-nuggets, photofeatures which are also sent to the regional/branch offices for
      translation and circulation to the local media.
      International Film Festival of India
           The Press Information Bureau was part of the IFFI 2017 to facilitate dissemination of
      Festival related information to media at the venue in Goa. It provided favourable and
      encouraging work environment and facilitated participation of the media persons in the festival.
      Relevant Website:
      News Agencies
      Press Trust of India
           India’s largest news agency, Press Trust of India (PTI) is a non-profit sharing cooperative
      owned by the country’s newspapers with a mandate to provide efficient and unbiased news to all
      subscribers. Founded in August, 1947, PTI began functioning from 1949. It offers its news
      services in English and Hindi languages. Bhasha is the Hindi language news service of the
      agency. PTI subscribers include 500 newspapers in India and scores abroad. All major TV and
      radio channels in India and several abroad, including BBC in London, receive its services. PTI
      now has its own satellite delivery system through a transponder on an INSAT satellite for
      reaching its services directly to subscribers anywhere in the country. Increasingly more and more
      subscribers are opting for satellite reception. Photo service is delivered by satellite as well as
      accessed by dial up.
           PTI has also begun satellite transmission by Ku band which offers subscribers the option of
      receiving news through a cheaper and small size satellite receiver. The Agency is on the Internet
      too. The agency’s news services have been showcased on its website http.//
      Clients also have the option of taking any of PTI’s services through Internet. PTI news is also
      available through World Space radio broadcast reception. The Photo service is delivered by
      satellite as well as accessed through dial-up. The agency is now engaged in archiving its photos.
      It employs more than 400 journalists and 500 stringers to cover almost every district and small
      town in India. Collectively, they put out more than 2,000 stories and 200 photographs a day.
           Its correspondents are also based in leading capitals and important business and
      administrative centres around the world. It also has exchange arrangements with several foreign