coverage on PM visits.
      Social Media
            PIB has social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The
      information about various events/activities/programmes of ministries and departments is put out
      on social media for immediate and wider dissemination. Special info-graphics, video messages,
      etc., are created and posted on social media for special events such as budget presentation, Yoga
      day, Independence Day, etc. Many regional/branch offices of PIB also have their dedicated
      social media platforms.
            Twitter: On twitter, PIB’s handle, @pibindia and @pibhindi have nearly 1.35
      million+followers and 42,000+followers respectively.
            Facebook: PIB’s Facebook page, has reached
            Instagram: PIB’s      Instagram     gallery,       has   reached
      Media Interactive Sessions
            Media Interactive Sessions are planned in selected state capitals on issues such as socio-
      economic development, infrastructure, developmental schemes, etc. Under this initiative,
      important Union Ministries and senior officers of the concerned ministries are invited to
      participate in the event and interact with the national and local media and highlight the important
      initiatives taken by the government. ‘Vartalap’ is a programme organized for small towns/rural
      journalists to keep them aware/updated about the various central government Flagship Schemes
      for the welfare of rural populace. Press Tours are conducted by the headquarters/regional and
      branch offices with a view to showcase the success stories of the various schemes/ projects being
      run by the government in rural/urban areas throughout the country.
      Online Press Accreditation
            Press Accreditation is granted to media representatives including members of the foreign
      media at the headquarters of Press Information Bureau, New Delhi. A fully online system of
      press accreditation was operationalized in 2010 which is continually updated to keep up with the
      increasing number of requests for accreditation.
      Journalists’ Welfare Scheme
            A scheme of providing financial assistance to journalists and their families facing acute
      financial hardship on account of serious ailment is being implemented by PIB which provides for
      one time ex-gratia relief on urgent basis. The amount of such assistance, upto ₹ 5 lakh, is
      extended to the families of deceased journalist or in case of his permanent disability. Assistance
      upto ₹ 3 lakhs is also extended in case of ailments like cancer, renal failure, heart ailments, etc.,
      and upto ₹ 2 lakhs in case of accidents requirement hospitalization.
      Emergency Control Room
            The PIB has a News Room/Control Room which is operational round the year to meet
      challenges emerging out of any eventuality during any time of the day or night. Arrangements
      for holding press conferences at short notices and simultaneous web-cast through PIB centres