After the title verification, publisher is required to submit a declaration duly authenticated
      by the District Magistrate concerned, along with a copy of the first issue published within
      specified days after authentication of declaration as per the Act and an affidavit for no-foreign
      tie-up. After ascertaining that the publication has been printed and published in conformity with
      the various provisions of the PRB Act and the rules made thereunder, a registration number is
      allotted to the newspaper/periodical and entries made in the Register of RNI. The Certificate of
      Registration (CR) is then issued to the publisher.
      Annual Statement
            As per Section 19D of the PRB Act, an Annual Statement in Form-II prescribed in the
      Registration of Newspapers (Central) Rules 1956 is required to be submitted by the publishers of
      newspapers to the Press Registrar on or before the last day of May each year containing various
      information as prescribed under the rules. It is also obligatory on the part of every publisher to
      print in the publication, a statement indicating the ownership and other relevant particulars in
      Form IV in the first issue every year after the last day of February. Annual Statement is the basic
      document on the basis of which RNI undertakes compilation and analysis of the status of the
      Press, which is incorporated in its Annual Report, called “Press in India”.
      Relevant Website:
      Press Information Bureau
            The Press Information Bureau (PIB) is the nodal agency of the Government of India to
      disseminate information to the print, electronic and social media on government policies,
      programmes, initiatives and achievements. It functions as an interface between the government
      and the media and also provides feedback to the government on the reaction of people as
      reflected in the media. It has 5 zones comprising 19 regional offices and 17 branch offices,
      including an Information Centre. PIB disseminates information through different means such as
      press releases, press notes, feature articles, backgrounds, press briefings, interviews, press
      conferences and press tours, etc., to cater to the needs of regional media. PIB also uses social
      media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to disseminate information. The information
      is released in English, Hindi, Urdu along with 13 other regional languages which reaches
      newspapers and media organizations all over the country. PIB also provides accreditation facility
      to media persons so as to facilitate access to information from the government sources.
            Departmental Publicity Officers are attached to various ministries and departments for
      disseminating information to the media through press releases, press notes, backgrounders etc.,
      and also by arranging press conferences, press tours, media briefings etc. These officers provide
      the requisite service to their respective ministries and also meet the information needs of media
      in respect of those ministries.
      Prime Minister’s Unit
            PM’s Publicity and Reference Unit is a dedicated unit for the publicity and media support
      for the Prime Minister’s Office and cabinet. The media related compilations prepared by this
      Unit include daily newspaper clippings highlighting major issues, weekly magazine reports,
      feedback reports from social media and online media portals and special compendium of press