imperative for the Government to ensure that the ‘Freedom of Expression’ is not misused to play
      with the young minds of our country. Such shows have a greater impact on children than other
      regular TV programmes as they interpret real life situations. Reality shows are meant for adults,
      and without proper knowledge, understanding, and guidance, children can be misled by such
      programmes. Some reality shows have children as participants who are under tremendous
      pressure to perform. Also, children who are left to watch these shows on television can often be
      baffled at the display and can take them as behaviour expected out of everyone, especially
      themselves and their peers.
            A large number of misleading advertisements make unsubstantiated claims about the impact
      of certain products. Ministry of I&B has cautioned that advertisements should not dwell on a
      product’s seemingly miraculous properties that cannot be proven. This is in violation of the
      Advertising Code, particularly rule 7(5) contained in the Cable Television Networks Rules
      framed under the Cable Television Networks Regulation Act, 1995.
      Relevant Website:
      Press and Print Media
      Registrar of Newspapers for India
            The Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) is an attached office of the
      Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Under its statutory and derivative functions, it verifies
      and approves titles of newspapers, registers them, checks and establishes circulation claims. It
      also submits to the Secretary, I & B by 31st December every year the “Press in India Report”,
      highlighting the state of Print Media in the country; the report is subsequently published under
      the title “Press in India”. Under its non-statutory functions, the RNI issues Eligibility Certificates
      for import of newsprint, to actual users which are registered with RNI as well as Essentiality
      Certificates for import of printing machinery, etc.
      Title Verification
            RNI receives applications of the intending publishers for title verification, duly forwarded
      by the DM concerned and processes them for title verification as per the proviso to Section 6 of
      the PRB Act. During 2015, RNI scrutinized 15,293 applications for verification of titles, of
      which 9,272 titles were verified. To facilitate the applicants RNI has started online application
      filling facility on its website. For further processing by the DM concerned, the applicant is
      required to take out a printout of the filled application and submit to DM concerned for
      forwarding to RNI. The applicants are intimated through SMS and e-mail at application receipt
      stage and title verification stage at RNI to facilitate the applicants and ensure transparency. The
      status of title applications can be checked on RNI website. Discrepancy letters and title
      verification letters can also be downloaded from RNI website.
      De-Blocking of Titles
            After getting the title verified, the publishers are required to get the title registered. If the
      documents for registration are not received in RNI in 2 years, the title gets de-blocked and is
      available for verification to any intending applicant.