target audience apart from news, live events like Independence Day, Republic Day celebrations,
      messages of the President and Prime Minister, special programmes on the state leaders.
      Mandate/the theme that predominantly runs through the transmission relates to modernizing
      educational and social outlook of the target audience.
      DD Sports
           Sports Channel of Doordarshan was launched in 1999. The transmission of the channel is
      round the clock from 2000.
      DD Kashir
           DD Kashir channel was launched in 2000 with fourteen and a half hours of transmission per
      day. This was converted into a 24-hour channel a year later.
      Doordarshan Commercial Service
           Doordarshan Commercial Service (DCS) is an independent wing to coordinate all the
      commercial activities being performed at the headquarters, Doordarshan Kendras, marketing
      divisions and DCD towards sale of airtime as well as collection of revenue from agencies/clients/
      producers. It is responsible for framing of Commercial policies and updating of rate card as per
      inputs received from Marketing Divisions and regional Kendras, with the approval of Prasar
      Bharati Board.
      DD Archives
           Doordarshan Archives reinvented itself in 2003 with a new approach and prepared itself to
      meet the challenges of Audio Visual Digital World.
      Audience Research
           The Audience Research unit of Doordarshan with its 19 field units located with
      Doordarshan Kendras all over the country, is involved in Research studies on various aspects of
      broadcasting since 1976.
      Relevant Website:
      Electronic Media Monitoring Centre
           Protecting the citizens from undesirable content being aired by television channels is a norm
      followed by almost all leading democracies in the world. In India, Electronic Media Monitoring
      Centre (EMMC) is entrusted with the task of monitoring the content being aired by TV channels.
      EMMC is among one of the premier organisations of the world that monitor the broadcasting
      sector and the content being aired by broadcasters. The Centre is also one of the youngest among
      the government-owned media units in the country.
           It is worth recalling that the need to monitor content arises in response to grievances and
      complaints coming from different quarters against invasion of raunchy reality shows, talk shows,
      news, documentaries and soap operas into the television industry.
           EMMC records and monitors the content of around 600 channels, beaming over the Indian
      Territory, so that any violations of codes framed under the Cable Television Network