Kendras (Studio Centres), High Power Transmitters (LPTs) and Very Low Power Transmitters
      (VLPTs). Maintenance centres look after clusters of LPTs and VLPTs.
      DD National
           DD National Channel, a public service broadcaster is the largest terrestrial network in the
      world. It covers about 92.0 per cent population and 81.0 per cent land area of the country. Being
      a Public Service Broadcaster the channel continues to make significant contribution to accelerate
      socio-economic changes, promote national integration, inculcate a sense of unity and fraternity
      and stimulate scientific temperament among the people. It contributes to dissemination of
      knowledge/education and information for public awareness about means of population control,
      family welfare, preservation of environment, ecological balance and measures for women and
      children welfare. The channel lends a healthy mix of entertainment, information and education.
      The service is available in terrestrial mode from 05.30 a.m. till midnight. In the satellite mode it
      is available round-the-clock.
      DD News
           DD News is the only terrestrial-cum-satellite, multilingual news channel of the country. The
      news channel has been successfully discharging its responsibility to give balanced, fair and
      accurate news without sensationalizing as well as by carrying different shades of opinion. DD-
      News channel was launched in November 2003 by converting DD-Metro into a 24-hours news
      channel. Its satellite footprint is available across the country. DD News terrestrial reach is 49 per
      cent area of the country. It is currently producing news content in Hindi, English, Urdu and
      Sanskrit languages. Over 18 hours of Live transmission include telecast of more than 40 news
      bulletins in these languages. DD News is having 30 Regional News Units (RNUs) across the
      country which are broadcasting news bulletins.
      DD India
           Doordarshan opened its windows to the world by launching its international channel on
      March 14, 1995. The Channel, initially known as DD-World was renamed DD-India in 2002.
      The programming offers international viewers an update on the Indian social, cultural, political
      and economic scene.
      DD Bharati
           DD Bharati Channel was re-launched in 2012 as a niche channel for art and culture to
      preserve Indian culture and heritage with authenticity and to present it to the wider public. It is
      the only Channel dedicated to art and culture in India. DD Bharati has entered into partnerships
      with various national and international public institutions and NGOs to acquire première
      programmes available in their archives, after making very judicious selection keeping the profile
      and audience of the channel in view.
      DD Urdu
           DD Urdu came into existence in 2006 which became 24x7 channel with effect from 2007.
      The transmission features a mix of repeat and non-repeat, acquired and in-house software, which
      encapsulates heritage, culture, literature, information, education and social issues specific to the