comperes caught the pulse of youth and allured them to come closer to their radio. In its round-
      the-clock broadcast, the listeners were served with a recipe of whole new gamut of
      entertainment. Soon FM radio acquired the status of modern radio because it was speaking in
      their style and providing them the listening pleasure. The old glory of radio was restored once
      again at least in terms of listening percentages.
      FM Gold
           FM Gold channel went on air on September 1, 2001 at Delhi as a niche infotainment
      channel with 30 per cent of news and current affairs component and 70 per cent of entertainment
      programming. At present, FM Gold channel is available daily round the clock. FM Gold channel
      is available at five places four metros i.e., Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Ludhiana. This
      additional channel gave its listeners an option to choose between the two, besides listening to
      other parallel running AIR and private FM stations in the area. This channel is trying to provide
      information interlinked with entertainment and brings information updates on traffic, airlines,
      railways, weather, etc.
      DTH Service
           DTH Radio Channel is a satellite service meant for the listeners, who own a TV set. The
      Service is available through the DTH platform of Prasar Bharati with uplinking facilities at
      Todapur, Delhi. It is not a terrestrial broadcast service and its programmes cannot be tuned in
      through the ordinary radio receiver sets. It is a 24 hour service broadcast digitally. The
      programming is planned in such a way that the repetitions are kept at a minimum.
           The DTH Service provides 39 different language channels available in every nook and
      corner of the country. The most significant aspect of this broadcast is its digital quality.
      Vividh Bharati
           The popular Vividh Bharati Service provides entertainment for 17 hours a day from 41
      CBS-VB centres. Beside this, Vividh Bharati Service is also relayed through 65 Local Radio
      Stations and 100 watt FM transmitters located across the country.
      News Services Division
           The News Services Division (NSD) of All India Radio has been expanding its presence
      across various domains with the aim of reaching diverse cross section of people. The News
      Services Division has substantially increased its presence on the social media and crossed major
      milestones in reaching out audiences far and wide.
           NSD’s 46 Regional News Units (RNUs) play a vital role to cater to the information needs of
      the people. RNUs make bulletins and programmes in 77 regional languages/ dialects to make
      news region specific and people friendly. The RNUs originate 444 bulletins every day for a total
      duration of about 33 hours that includes regional, external, DTH services and FM headlines.
      RNUs also mount 12,720 news-based programmes in a month for a total duration of nearly 1706
      hours besides broadcasting special programmes when state assemblies are in session.
           FM headlines serve immediate needs of information in Indian languages for listeners during
      their daily busy schedule in cities and towns. At present 249 headline bulletins in 16 languages
      are being produced by RNUs.