Mass Communication
            THE Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, through the mass communication media
      consisting of radio, television, films, press and print publications, advertising and traditional
      modes of communication such as dance and drama, plays an effective role in helping people to
      have access to free flow of information. The Ministry is involved in catering to the entertainment
      needs of various age groups and focusing attention of the people on issues of national integrity,
      environmental protection, health care and family welfare, eradication of illiteracy and issues
      relating to women, children, minority and other disadvantaged sections of the society. The
      Ministry is divided into four wings i.e., the Information Wing, the Broadcasting Wing, the Films
      Wing and the Integrated Finance Wing. The Ministry functions through its 21 media units/
      attached and subordinate offices, autonomous bodies and PSUs.
            The Information Wing handles policy matters of the print and press media and publicity
      requirements of the Government. This Wing also looks after the general administration of the
            The Broadcasting Wing handles matters relating to the electronic media and the regulation
      of the content of private TV channels as well as the programme matters of All India Radio and
      Doordarshan and operation of cable television and community radio, etc. Electronic Media
      Monitoring Centre (EMMC), which is a subordinate office, functions under the administrative
      control of this Division.
            The Film Wing handles matters relating to the film sector. It is involved in the production
      and distribution of documentary films, development and promotional activities relating to the
      film industry including training, organization of film festivals, import and export regulations, etc.
      The Integrated Finance Wing looks after the financial aspects of the Ministry.
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      Prasar Bharati
            Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India) is the public service broadcaster in the
      country, with Akashvani (All India Radio) and Doordarshan as its two constituents. It came into
      existence on November 23, 1997, with a mandate to organize and conduct public broadcasting
      services to inform, educate and entertain the public and to ensure a balanced development of
      broadcasting on radio and television.
            The major objectives of the Prasar Bharati Corporation as laid out in the Prasar Bharati Act,
      1990 are as follows: (i) to uphold the unity and integrity of the country and the values enshrined
      in the Constitution; (ii) to promote national integration; (iii) to safeguard citizen’s rights to be
      informed on all matters of public interest and presenting a fair and balanced flow of information;
      (iv) to pay special attention to the fields of education and spread of literacy, agriculture, rural
      development, environment, health and family welfare and science and technology; (v) to create
      awareness about women’s issues and to take special steps to protect the interests of children, the