sector in the name and style of Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Works. A new public
      sector company in the name and style of Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited (BCPL)
      was incorporated in 1961.The company has four manufacturing units-one each at Maniktala at
      Kolkata, Panihati at North 24 Parganas (West Bengal), one at Mumbai (Maharashtra) and at
      Kanpur (UP). The company manufactures and markets a wide range of industrial chemicals, a
      large number of drugs and pharmaceuticals besides cosmetics and home products. In the home
      products, the well known products include Cantharidine Hair Oil and Lamp Brand Phenol.
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      Mines and Minerals
           Ministry of Mines is responsible for survey and exploration of all minerals, other than
      natural gas, petroleum and atomic minerals; for mining and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals like
      aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, gold, nickel, etc. and for administration of the Mines and Minerals
      (Regulation and Development) Act, 1957 and rules made thereunder in respect of all mines and
      minerals other than coal, natural gas and petroleum as well as Offshore Areas Mineral
      (Development and Regulation) Act, 2002 and rules made thereunder.
           The Ministry is responsible for legislation for regulation of mines and development of
      minerals within the territory of India, including mines and minerals underlying the ocean within
      the territorial waters or the continental shelf, or the exclusive economic zone and other maritime
      zones of India as may be specified, from time to time by or under any law made by Parliament;
      regulation of mines and development of minerals other than coal, lignite and sand for stowing
      and any other mineral declared as prescribed substances for the purpose of the Atomic Energy
      Act, 1962 (33 of 1962) as declared by law, including questions concerning regulation and
      development of minerals in various states and the matters connected therewith or incidental
      thereto; all other metals and minerals not specifically allotted to any other Ministry/ Department,
      such as aluminium, zinc, copper, gold, diamonds, lead and nickel; planning, development and
      control of, and assistance to, all industries dealt with by the Ministry; administration and
      management of Geological Survey of India, Indian Bureau of Mines.
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      Mineral Legislation and Reforms
           The Central Act to provide for the development and regulation of mines and minerals is the
      Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957, which came into force in 1958.
      Section 13 of the MMDR Act empowers the central government to formulate rules for regulation
      of grant of mineral concessions for major minerals; in accordance of which Mineral Concession
      Rules, 1960 have been framed. Section 18 of MMDR Act, 1957 empowers the Central
      Government to frame rules for the conservation and systematic development of minerals and for
      the protection of environment in accordance of which Mineral Conservation and Development
      Rules, 1988 have been framed. Section 15 of MMDR Act, 1957 empowers state governments to
      frame rules for regulating the grant of quarry leases, mining leases or other mineral concessions
      in respect of minor minerals; accordingly all state governments and some union territories have
      framed their own rules in this regard.
           The central government framed the following rules to give effect to the newly amended
      provision of the said Act and also give boost to the mining sector. The newly framed Rules are