pump sets castings, the Kolhapur and Belgaum for automotive castings, Rajkot cluster for diesel
      engine castings and Batala and Jalandhar for machinery parts and agricultural implements.
           Process Control Instrument Industry: Process control instruments cover wide range of
      instruments and systems required for monitoring and measurement of physical, chemical and
      biological properties. They are used for measurement and control of process variables like
      pressure, temperature, humidity, liquid level, flow, specific gravity, chemical composition
      including pH and many forms of spectrometry and spectrophotometry. The process control
      instruments have become an integral part of the modern industrial activity. This industry is a key
      industry which provides tools for automation. Their importance is significant in high cost, large
      and sophisticated process industries like fertilizer, steel, power plant, refineries, petrochemicals,
      cement and other process industries. The present technology is a microprocessor based
      centralised control system.
           Seamless Steel Pipes and Tubes: Seamless steel pipes and tubes are produced in different
      sizes. The wide size range makes them suitable for use in number of versatile area of application.
      The process of manufacture imparts strength and durability to the pipes and thus can be used for
      corrosion - resisting applications. These pipes are also used for aircraft, missile and anti-friction
      bearing, ordnance, etc. Ultra-high strength and corrosion-resistant properties make these perfect
      for oil and gas industry, chemical industry and automobile industry. Oil sector accounts for
      around 60 per cent of the total requirement of seamless pipes. Bearings and boiler sector
      contribute around 30 per cent of demand. The industry is able to manufacture tubes up to 14”
      outer diameter.
           Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) Steel Pipes and Tubes: Based on the customers’
      requirement, ERW steel pipes and tubes are available in various qualities, wall thickness and
      diameters of the finished pipes. High performance ERW steel pipes and tubes possess high
      corrosion resistance, high deformability, high strength and high toughness. These pipes are used
      in fencing, lining pipes, oil country tubulars, scaffolding, water and gas conveyance, etc. There
      has been tremendous increase in the production of ERW steel pipes due to higher demand in oil
      and gas industry, infrastructure and automobile uses. There are a large number of units in the
      MSME Sector.
           Submerged-Arc Welded (SAW) Pipes: There are two types of SAW pipes namely
      longitudinal and helical welded SAW pipes. Longitudinal SAW pipes are preferred where
      thickness of pipe is more than 25mm and in high pressure gas pipe line. Helical welded SAW
      pipes are used for low pressure applications. The cost of helical SAW pipes is less than
      longitudinal pipes. There is huge demand of SAW pipes in the country due to transportation of
      oil and gas and transmission of water.
           Industrial Fasteners: The fastener industry in India may be classified into two segments:
      high tensile and mild steel fasteners. These broadly include nuts, bolts, studs, rivets and screws.
      Mild steel fasteners are primarily manufactured by the unorganized sector while high tensile
      fasteners requiring superior technology are dominated by companies in the organized sector.
      Automobile industry accounts for bulk of the total demand of this industry. Consumer durables
      and railways are the other primary users of the high tensile fasteners. Automobile sector is likely
      to drive growth in the fastener industry.
           Steel Forgings: Forgings are intermediate products used widely by original equipment
      manufacturers in the production of durable goods. The composition of the Indian forging