manufacturing and is capable of producing world class tiles.
            Tyre & Tubes Industry: Tyres play an integral role to ensure mobility including movement
      of passengers and essential goods across the urban and rural landscape of the country using all
      types of vehicles ranging from carts, tractors, trucks and buses to the latest generation passenger
      cars that ply on the modern expressways. All types of tyres required to meet the domestic
      demand are manufactured in India. These tyres include moped tyre weighing 1.5 kg to off the
      road tyres for earth movers which weigh 1.5 tonnes, bias ply tyres to rugged all steel radial truck
      tyres to high performance passenger car radial and tubeless tyres etc. India is one of the few
      countries worldwide which has attained self-sufficiency in manufacturing a wide range of tyres
      for all applications. With the objective of ensuring the safety of human lives and vehicles and
      also availability of quality products, a Quality (Control) Order for Pneumatic Tyres and Tubes
      for Automotive Vehicles was notified by the Department in 2009. This prohibits import, sale or
      distribution of pneumatic tyres and tubes which do not conform to the specified Bureau of Indian
      Standard and which do not bear the standard mark. Indian Tyre industry consists of 39
      companies with 60 tyre manufacturing plants. The large tyre companies are namely, MRF Ltd.,
      Apollo Tyres, JK Tyres, CEAT, Goodyear, Modi Rubber, etc. Three Indian companies (MRF
      Ltd., Apollo Tyres and J K Tyres) are in the list of top 25 Global Tyre companies.
            Rubber Goods Industry: The rubber goods industry excluding tyre and tubes consists of
      4550 small and tiny units generating about 5.50 lakh direct jobs. The rubber industry
      manufactures a wide range of products like rubber cots and aprons, contraceptives, footwear,
      rubber hoses, cables, camelback, battery boxes, latex products, conveyor belts, surgical gloves,
      balloons, rubber moulded goods, etc. The main raw materials used by the rubber goods
      manufacturing industry are natural rubber, various types of synthetic rubber, carbon black,
      rubber chemicals, etc.
            Cigarette Industry: The cigarette industry is an agro-based labour intensive industry.
      Cigarette included in the First Schedule to the Industries (Development & Regulations) Act,
      1951 requires industrial license.
            Paints & Allied Products: The paints and allied Industry which has been exempted from
      compulsory licensing, mainly consists of paints, enamels, varnishes, pigments, printing inks, etc.
      These play a vital role in the economy by way of protecting national assets from corrosion.
      These items are manufactured both in the organized and small scale sector.
            Glass Industry: Glass industry comes under the category of de-licensed. It covers seven
      items such as flat glass (including sheet, float, figured, wired, safety, mirror glass), glass fiber
      and glass wool, hollow glassware, laboratory glassware, table and kitchen glassware, glass
      bangles and other glassware. There has been growing acceptability of the Indian flat glass
      products in the global market. The Indian manufacturers had explored new markets. There is
      considerable scope in demand for glass fibre products particularly due to growth in
      petrochemical sector and allied products.
            Paper Industry: India rules as one of the fastest growing paper market in the world. The
      growing knowledge base coupled with synergistic contributions from flagship schemes, namely,
      Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, (SSA) Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), Inclusive
      Education for the Disabled at Secondary School (IEDSS), adult education, Right to Education
      and central government scholarship and education loan scheme, assured a robust demand for
      paper and paper board. The industry was de-licensed in July, 1997. As per the the present policy,